Paul Thomas Anderson‘s epic porn fable chronicles the rise and fall of Eddie Adams, aka Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg), a nightclub dishwasher discovered by legendary porn mogul Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) who becomes a sensation in the world of “adult entertainment” thanks to his good looks and considerable … endowments. This Cinderella story indeed plays like a fairy tale, staying oddly whimsical even when everyone starts snorting coke like there’s no tomorrow and shooting at each other (or themselves); despite its lurid and graphic content, “Boogie Nights” is first and foremost the tale of a family, with Julianne Moore as the sexy hot mess of a mama bear, Amber Waves, and Heather Graham as the cousin everyone likes to take a nap with, Rollergirl. Anderson still thought he wanted to be Martin Scorsese with his second feature, which makes for some stylish and excessive flourishes that sometimes come off as indulgent, but “Boogie Nights” remains a vital, brash and exciting piece of filmmaking as it follows the porn industry from its Golden Age in the ’70s through its turn for the worse with the introduction of video in the ’80s. Favorite throwaway bit: Wahlberg singing “The Touch” by Stan Bush, a song from the soundtrack to “Transformers: The Movie.” – IFC Staff