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New York City

New York: Filmmakers Love You

Article: New York: Filmmakers Love You

New York City has long been a favorite backdrop for filmmakers. The skyscrapers, famous skyline, renowned landmarks, mountains of garbage, notable mass transit system, beautiful parks, and streets lined with crazy people are an alluring setting for everything from romantic comedies (Weekend at Bernie’s 2), tragedies, (Autumn in New York), mysteries (Desperately Seeking Susan), adventure…

Poster Boy Cuttin’ and Pastin’

Article: Poster Boy Cuttin’ and Pastin’

I’m fascinated by the illegal street-artistry of Banksy, and I always get a good chuckle when anyone alters a subway advertisement (even if it’s as simple as a penis scribble or someone writing the word “ass”), so for me, Poster Boy, gives the best of both worlds:

LIVE:  Madonna

Article: LIVE: Madonna

This week I attended my first ever Madonna concert. I’d be lying if I told you I had a Madonna poster hanging in my bedroom or her latest album cover as the screen saver on my computer. But because Madonna is an important figure in both music and pop-cultural history, not to mention one of…

Is All Points West Going To Be All That?

Article: Is All Points West Going To Be All That?

We have about one more solid month of summer music festivals before this season, the biggest one yet in the U.S., comes to a close. Each town, whether big or small, tries to outdo everyone else with a better festival headliner, a better gimmick, better live web streaming, and even a better logo. Since many…

The Outer Boroughs

Article: The Outer Boroughs

There are enough films set in Manhattan to merit a dozen podcasts, but ones that are set in one of the outer boroughs — Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island — are harder to find. This week on the IFC News podcast, we look at the four New York boroughs not frequented so often…

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