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Nancy Meyers

Hollywood’s Femme Fatality Rate

Article: Hollywood’s Femme Fatality Rate

In the mid-’70s, when women (among them Claudia Weill, Joan Micklin Silver, Joan Darling) were getting the chance to direct mainstream movies, Pauline Kael cautioned against expecting great things right away. Filmmakers needed a chance to learn and develop, she said, and there was always a chance they might not, or might simply become proficient…

Running Amunk for the Holidays

Article: Running Amunk for the Holidays

Happy holidays, everyone! Those willing and able to drag themselves away from the huge pile of swag under the tree can enjoy the late Heath Ledger’s final performance, a Jude Law double bill and a drolly comic Romanian police procedural underneath among other holiday presents that await at the multiplex. “Alvin and The Chipmunks: The…

Nancy Meyers, architecture pornographer.

Article: Nancy Meyers, architecture pornographer.

Not to rag on the New York Times‘ inadvertent Week Of Women In Film, but after Manohla Dargis’ underdetailed manifesto on female directors, here comes Daphne Merkin going long in a profile on director Nancy Meyers. The occasion is the upcoming release of “It’s Complicated,” and Meyers is by no means an unworthy subject for…

Great moments in schadenfreude: Charles Shyer.

Article: Great moments in schadenfreude: Charles Shyer.

It’s been an exciting week for news of projects in development. P.T. Anderson returns! David Gordon Green shot another movie! Uh, “The Birds” remake is going to be a hard R! And then there was word that Charles Shyer is all set to shoot “BFF,” a “female buddy comedy” about “childhood best friends who reunite…

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