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Michelle Pfeiffer

What To Watch On IFC Tonight: <em>Scarface</em>

Article: What To Watch On IFC Tonight: Scarface

To celebrate America, we are showing the ultimate American tale: Scarface tonight at 8/7c. The film stars Al Pacino in one of his most popular and iconic roles: Tony Montana and if you don’t know Tony, you definitely want to get to know him by watching Brian De Palma‘s gloriously excessive, unapologetically operatic tale of…

The Batman is coming to IFC

Article: The Batman is coming to IFC

Tonight at 7:15 p.m. ET we are lighting up the sky over Gotham with the Bat Signal, because the Dark Knight is coming to IFC. Tim Burton’s 1989 “Batman” is the big-screen response to the serious (and seriously violent) revisionist comic book tales of the ’80s. The film reimagines Gotham as a foreboding industrial metropolis…

Dueling with Stephen Frears

Article: Dueling with Stephen Frears

Stephen Frears burst on the scene in 1985 with his cheeky “My Beautiful Laundrette,” igniting a winning streak that included “Prick Up Your Ears,” “Dangerous Liaisons,” “The Grifters” and “The Queen.” Though famously hard to pigeonhole, the genre-spanning filmmaker gravitates toward folks struggling on the social margins or engaged in emotional gamesmanship. Frears is also,…

More Than Meets the Eye

Article: More Than Meets the Eye

This week in theaters, everyone seems to have opted to go dark, with cinemas offering up grieving families, persecuted immigrants, endangered pop singers and the slow death of intimacy in the internet age. This is… supposed to be summer, right? Download this in audio form (MP3: 9:34 minutes, 13.2 MB) Subscribe to the In Theaters…

When B-Listers Go Abroad

Article: When B-Listers Go Abroad

What do Robert De Niro and Coolio have in common? First, they’ve both worked with Michelle Pfeiffer — De Niro in last week’s “Stardust,” Coolio in the classic “Gangsta’s Paradise” music video from 1995′s “Dangerous Minds.” Second, they’ve both starred in a foreign production. Further similarities, however, end there: while De Niro’s trip overseas was…

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