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Melissa Leo

“Red State,” reviewed

Article: “Red State,” reviewed

For months now, Kevin Smith has seemed like an angry guy: angry at critics who didn’t care for his last movie; angry at distributors for their wasteful release strategies; (rightfully) angry at Southwest Airlines for unfairly kicking him off a plane. So even though it doesn’t look like something by the writer/director of “Clerks” and…

“The Fighter,” Reviewed

Article: “The Fighter,” Reviewed

You need two things to be a great boxer: technique and heart. Knowing how to throw a punch won’t get you very far if you also don’t know how to take one. Acting is the same way: all the technical proficiency in the world will get you nowhere if you can’t use it to move…

Kristen Stewart gets a warm “Welcome to the Rileys” in L.A.

Article: Kristen Stewart gets a warm “Welcome to the Rileys” in L.A.

If the “Twilight: Eclipse” premiere was the tough ticket of this year’s L.A. Film Festival, drawing roughly 5,000 fans from all corners of the U.S. in order to get a glimpse of Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner at the Nokia Theater, then “Welcome to the Rileys” proved to be damn near impossible. Kristen Stewart fans…

Tribeca 2010 Awards take “Leave.”

Article: Tribeca 2010 Awards take “Leave.”

If there’s one thing jurors Hope Davis, Aaron Eckhart and Cheryl Hines can agree on, it’s that the German drama “When We Leave” deserved many accolades at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, where Feo Aladang’s drama about one woman’s daring decision to escape her husband in Turkey with their five-year-old son for her family in…

“Breaking Upwards” and “The Greatest” Explore Young Love’s Doldrums

Article: “Breaking Upwards” and “The Greatest” Explore Young Love’s Doldrums

Now is the early spring of our discontent. Every year around this time, many of the films clotting theaters are the indies no one thinks will secure an Oscar nomination or the big-budget features studios don’t have the faith will score sweet summer box-office numbers. Admittedly, these movies can turn out to be real gems…

Critic wrangle: “Frozen River.”

Article: Critic wrangle: “Frozen River.”

I really didn’t care for Courtney Hunt’s feature debut “Frozen River” when I caught it at Sundance, but others did, to the point where it won the Grand Jury Prize, was picked up by Sony Pictures Classics, opened New Directors/New Films and now, in theatrical release, is receiving mostly praise, while star Melissa Leo’s name…

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