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Our five favorite William Shatner songs

Article: Our five favorite William Shatner songs

As Star Trek Week continues on IFC we can’t help but recall our deep and abiding love for Captain Kirk and the man who played the heck out of him, William Shatner. Now Shatner is not only an excellent actor, but he also directed one of the films we are playing tonight “Star Trek V:…

Five “Fourquels” That Weren’t Terrible

Article: Five “Fourquels” That Weren’t Terrible

We love trilogies. They’re nice and neat. They conform to the three-act structure of storytelling. We love them so much that we want more movies even after the trilogy is over, which inevitably leads to the fourth film in a franchise — the fourquel, if you will (and if you’re an English teacher, you won’t).…

Dead Alive: Bringing Popular Characters Back to Life in Sequels

Article: Dead Alive: Bringing Popular Characters Back to Life in Sequels

Fans of the gleefully excessive Jason Statham action film “Crank” know that it concluded with an impressively ballsy ending: Statham’s Chev Chelios gets his revenge but — SPOILER ALERT! — falls out of a helicopter in the process. In “Crank”‘s final shot, he falls into a car, bounces on to the pavement, twitches and… dies.…

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