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Kimberly Peirce

“Carrie” remake gets Spring 2013 release date

Article: “Carrie” remake gets Spring 2013 release date

Get all your “What happened to new ideas!?” snark ready, because we’ve got news about another remake: “Carrie.” But with the director of “Boys Don’t Cry” and the breakout star of “Kick-Ass” onboard, the film could actually turn out to be pretty awesome when it sees release on March 15 of next year. Coming Soon…

Hollywood’s Femme Fatality Rate

Article: Hollywood’s Femme Fatality Rate

In the mid-’70s, when women (among them Claudia Weill, Joan Micklin Silver, Joan Darling) were getting the chance to direct mainstream movies, Pauline Kael cautioned against expecting great things right away. Filmmakers needed a chance to learn and develop, she said, and there was always a chance they might not, or might simply become proficient…

Critic wrangle: “Stop-Loss.”

Article: Critic wrangle: “Stop-Loss.”

Nine years after Kimberly Peirce’s first film “Boys Don’t Cry” hit theaters, her follow-up, “Stop-Loss,” opens, an unlikely MTV Films take on the Iraq War. (My review of the film from SXSW is here.) Scott Foundas at the LA Weekly suggests that Iraq-themed films are following the same arc as Vietnam-themed ones, which means that…

Article: Kimberly Peirce on “Stop-Loss”

By Stephen Saito In “Stop-Loss,” the unaddressed enemies of the conflict in Iraq are the hidden costs of war — the post-traumatic stress disorder, the broken relationships with loved ones, the disconnect with reality at home. While Kimberly Peirce based the film on the experience of her brother’s redeployment to Iraq after fulfilling his initial…

SXSW 2008: “Stop-Loss.”

Article: SXSW 2008: “Stop-Loss.”

“Stop-Loss,” Kimberly Peirce’s first film since 1999′s “Boys Don’t Cry,” tears itself into tortured pieces trying to be an impossible combination of things — an Iraq War film for the MTV crowd; Serious Cinema that’s also a goggle-eyed aesthetic appreciation of Channing Tatum’s hot bod, Ryan Phillippe’s pretty face and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s expert broodiness; a…

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