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Karyn Kusama

Hollywood’s Femme Fatality Rate

Article: Hollywood’s Femme Fatality Rate

In the mid-’70s, when women (among them Claudia Weill, Joan Micklin Silver, Joan Darling) were getting the chance to direct mainstream movies, Pauline Kael cautioned against expecting great things right away. Filmmakers needed a chance to learn and develop, she said, and there was always a chance they might not, or might simply become proficient…

Failure to Connect

Article: Failure to Connect

As the stars walked the red carpet for the Toronto premiere of “Jennifer’s Body,” there were fans screaming “Megan!” and “Adam!” and one, just off to the side, holding up a picture of screenwriter Diablo Cody affixed to a piece of cardboard and illuminated like a medieval manuscript. Even during this conclave of international cineastes,…

Ugly People and Dangerous Men

Article: Ugly People and Dangerous Men

With the Venice Film Festival having just concluded and Toronto now underway, the award season’s wheels begin to roll with big name players, both indie and arthouse, making a showing, with Steven Soderbergh and Jennifer Aniston keeping things light at the multiplex. Download this in audio form (MP3: 20:11 minutes, 18.5 MB) Subscribe to the…

There & Back: Diablo Cody.

Article: There & Back: Diablo Cody.

Unless she changes her schtick, Diablo Cody, last year’s fresh face of screenwriting success, could become next year’s Shane Black or Joe Eszterhas, screenwriters who were briefly brand names until too many of their films tanked. In Cody’s case, the rise/fall cycle’s accelerated by the way she served as the main talking point related to…

Toronto 2009: “Jennifer’s Body” Could Use Some Work

Article: Toronto 2009: “Jennifer’s Body” Could Use Some Work

Even though Telluride stole a little of Toronto’s thunder with a sneak premiere of Jason Reitman’s “Up in the Air,” the foremost film festival in North America is not about to let anyone forget that it was the place where “Juno” debuted two years ago. All three “Juno” principles — Reitman, screenwriter Diablo Cody (with…

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