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Helena Bonham Carter

Swing By Fleet Street With “Sweeney Todd”

Article: Swing By Fleet Street With “Sweeney Todd”

If you had a time machine, it is pretty unlikely that you would choose to visit London in the 19th Century. Between the fog, the smog, the dirt, the rogues, the ruffians, the pick pockets, the opium addicts, Jack the Ripper, and every villain who ever stumbled into a Sherlock Holmes novel, it doesn’t sound…

2011 Oscars Recap, Gif-Style

Article: 2011 Oscars Recap, Gif-Style

The 2011 Academy Awards started out with a lot of promised. James Franco and Anne Hathaway are young, vibrant, and appeal to a younger demographic, which is a good thing for an awards show when the top accolades are expected to go to a movie targeted at the over-50 demographic (yeah, “The King’s Speech”, we’re…

“The King’s Speech,” Reviewed

Article: “The King’s Speech,” Reviewed

“The King’s Speech” looks like your mom’s favorite movie of the year, doesn’t it? A heartwarming, inspirational story, handsome period production design, a cutesy and weirdly photoshopped poster, not to mention a starring role for DILF supreme Colin Firth. Despite its mom movie credentials, this film somehow rises above its station to become more than…

Comic-Con: Musings from the Back of the Twiline

Article: Comic-Con: Musings from the Back of the Twiline

Everyone likes to pick out trends each Comic-Con, but at this year’s four-day geek bacchanal, where the film panels once again have equal (if not greater) priority to comic books, there seems to be a genuine one developing as the faceless franchises that usually reign over the convention have given way to the some of…

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