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Is “HDification” to Video Games What “Double Dip” Is to DVD?

Article: Is “HDification” to Video Games What “Double Dip” Is to DVD?

Have you ever bought the same DVD twice? The Special Edition, Ultimate Edition, Complete Collector’s Edition, Unrated Edition, Director’s Cut, Extended Cut, and Redux have clever disguises used by movie studios to resell customers products they already own. Amongst movie nerds, these “limited releases” are called double dips: a new candy coating around the same…

TGIF: Here’s a Really Big TV

Article: TGIF: Here’s a Really Big TV

The Consumer Electronics Show is clearly heaven for those who live to loiter at the corner of technology and entertainment, but I can’t imagine too much that would capture a gamer’s imagination more than Samsung’s D-9500. If you’re like me, you’ll spend the weekend dreaming about the possibilities of this 75-inch hi-def extravagance. Technically, it’s…

The Last Guardian Prepares to Melt Hearts for Holiday 2011

Article: The Last Guardian Prepares to Melt Hearts for Holiday 2011

Team Ico has never made a bad game. Granted, the Sony-affiliated dev studio has only created two games over the last nine years, but each one stands as an inarguable classic of modern gaming. Their first title “Ico” delivered a poignant, dark fable about a banished, horned boy and a wan girl trying to escape…

New Wave and Old Guard

Article: New Wave and Old Guard

“The only thing important is where somebody’s going.” That bit of existential wisdom comes from none other than John Dillinger (Johnny Depp), the soft-spoken, bank-jacking antihero of “Public Enemies,” Michael Mann’s latest epic about unhappy tough guys doing what they do best. It’s offered by way of flirtation, as part of Dillinger’s out-of-nowhere and all-out…

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