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Hannah And Her Sisters

“Hey old man, you home tonight?”: Seven cinematic atheists.

Article: “Hey old man, you home tonight?”: Seven cinematic atheists.

Friday sees the release of Alejandro Amenabar’s “Agora” (alliteration!), which stars Rachel Weisz as a philosopher/scientist and courageous atheist suffering at the hands of rabid Christians in fifth-century Alexandria. The Catholic Church, predictably, is not pleased: “Your film is going to awaken hatred against Christians in today’s society,” wrote Antonio Alonso Marcos, president of the…

Screen Siblings

Article: Screen Siblings

“Rudo y Cursi,” which opens this week, reunites “Y tu mamá también” co-stars Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal as brothers and rivals in the world of pro soccer. (One would guess this means there will be less kissing between the two in this new film.) So inspired, this week’s IFC News podcast looks at…

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