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Girl Talk

Q&A: Jason Simms of English, baby!

Article: Q&A: Jason Simms of English, baby!

It’s often said that English is the hardest language to learn. A classroom setting can only teach so much; Portland-based instructional Web site English, baby! goes beyond the typical curriculum, teaching non-native speakers the way Americans really converse. Among other methods, the site employs celebrities — particularly NBA players, but also musicians like Sheryl Crow…

Justin’s Muxin’ It Up Again

Article: Justin’s Muxin’ It Up Again

Our good ol’ friend Justin Ouellette (watch him in action on our Indie Music Panels) is back in business. (left: Muxtape will never die!) The on-again/off-again venture known as Muxtape has returned. His third-party music sharing site that digitally mimicked the joy of friends sharing mixtapes was shut down last year after a problem with…

My 10 Favorite Albums of 2008

Article: My 10 Favorite Albums of 2008

The following is not a list of the Top-10 Albums of the Year (c’mon, I’m one man, who am I to say if these are the best albums of 2008?), instead, this is simply a list of my Top-10 favorite albums of the year: 10. Girl Talk, Feed The Animals Yes, he’s just a mash-up…

’08 WAS GREAT!:  Mash-Ups w/ Mash-Up Videos

Article: ’08 WAS GREAT!: Mash-Ups w/ Mash-Up Videos

In 2008, Girl Talk released his brand new mash-up masterpiece Feed The Animals. Not only did we get a collection of mash-up songs this year, but a collection of mash-up videos as well. Nice! Girl Talk, “What It’s All About”

Girl Talk Exposed

Article: Girl Talk Exposed

I do love me some girl talk, and I’m not just talking about the kind I overhear from the ladies’ powder room. I’m also a fan of Girl Talk, the mash-up artist from my hometown of Pittsburgh who not only managed to release an album this year, Feed The Animals, with hundreds and hundreds of…

Who Here Is NOT a PC?

Article: Who Here Is NOT a PC?

This little pop quiz might help jump-start your brain on this Monday afternoon. Of the following people (clockwise from top: Girl Talk, Pharrell Williams, Erykah Badu), who is NOT a PC?

TALK:  Donnie Iris

Article: TALK: Donnie Iris

It’s a well-known fact that people from Pittsburgh love telling people they’re from Pittsburgh (I know, cause I’ve done it myself). Not only that, but when a Pittsburgh sports team reaches the championship game/series, as the Penguins have done recently by advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals, Pittsburghers will not only boast about their hometown…

Girl Talk? Pittsburgh? Taco Bell?

Article: Girl Talk? Pittsburgh? Taco Bell?

I gotta thank Pitchfork Media for the tip-off on this story. Girl Talk (aka Greg Gillis), Pittsburgh’s greatest rump-shaking export since Donnie Iris, recently played a hometown show at Mr. Small’s and treated the crowd to some free Taco Bell that he had won in a contest. (left: It’s a rarity to see Girl Talk…

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