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Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle is Captain Planet in new Funny Or Die sketch

Article: Don Cheadle is Captain Planet in new Funny Or Die sketch

Captain Planet isn’t the most well-known hero, but he apparently has a fan in “Iron Man 2″ actor Don Cheadle. In a new skit posted on FunnyOrDie, Cheadle takes on the mantle of the early 1990s superhero who fought environmental injustice with the help of a group of multiculutural kids and the ambiguously defined powers…

Don Cheadle Envisions Herbie Hancock And Jay-Z For His Miles Davis Biopic

Article: Don Cheadle Envisions Herbie Hancock And Jay-Z For His Miles Davis Biopic

Don Cheadle has big plans for a Miles Davis resurgence. Hearing his ideas for the biopic which Cheadle plans to both direct and star in, you almost get the sense that, more than making good film, his main motivation is to introduce the jazz legend to a new generation of fans. “We just turned in…

Joseph Gordon Leavitt Breaks Out in ‘Manic’

Article: Joseph Gordon Leavitt Breaks Out in ‘Manic’

While Joseph Gordon Leavitt and Zooey Deschanel are a familiar twosome after last summer’s hit (500) Days of Summer, their first film together was back in 2001 in Manic. Manic was the first feature for filmmaker Jordan Melamed and he relied heavily on the Dogme 95 -style of shooting to craft a starkly harsh, but…

“Iron Man 2″ and “Princess Kaiulani”

Article: “Iron Man 2″ and “Princess Kaiulani”

With the release of “Iron Man 2,” the Marvel Comics franchise is officially two-for-two — two thoroughly competent, occasionally inspired yet ultimately forgettable films that promise sly engagement with real-world anxieties, then set that promise aside in favor of corporate intrigue and endless scenes of robots bashing the crap out of each other. The first…

Embracing Convention

Article: Embracing Convention

It’s unfair, perhaps, but inevitable that every cop movie made post-”Wire” draws comparison to the now-legendary HBO series, just as it’s unfair and inevitable that every one of them falls short. Arguably the best show to ever grace television screens, “The Wire” set a new bar for subtle, taut explication that both challenged and rewarded…

Comic-Con: The “Iron Man 2″ Panel

Article: Comic-Con: The “Iron Man 2″ Panel

“You’re the people we wanted to show this to first,” director Jon Favreau told adoring Comic-Con crowds at the panel for “Iron Man 2,” who were a-buzz after their first glimpse of footage from the sequel. Star Robert Downey Jr. was there for another of his two appearances at the convention, and he and Favreau…

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