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Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley in talks for “Ender’s Game”

Article: Ben Kingsley in talks for “Ender’s Game”

The casting for “Ender’s Game” continues to heat up. Ben Kingsley is the latest actor to be courted for the upcoming sci-fi adaptation. A new report suggests he’ll be playing Mazer Rackham in the flick. Heat Vision says that Kingsley is in talks to play “a legendary war hero presumed to be long dead.” That’s…

“Hugo,” reviewed

Article: “Hugo,” reviewed

Martin Scorsese‘s “Hugo” is a movie about magic, but it’s also a movie as magic trick: Scorsese convinces us he’s made one film then uses some crafty sleight-of-hand to transform “Hugo” before our eyes. Though I’ve read interviews and articles about the film that reveal its secrets, and even listened to the director himself spoil…

Thoughts on “Hugo”‘s work-in-progress screening

Article: Thoughts on “Hugo”‘s work-in-progress screening

The surprise work-in-progress screening at The New York Film Festival turned out to be Martin Scorsese‘s “Hugo,” and the director himself was on hand to present his almost completed 3D family film. As Scorsese explained before the movie, “Hugo” really is a work-in-progress: a few CGI shots were unfinished and a few green screens were…

“Prince of Persia” Rules Two Worlds

Article: “Prince of Persia” Rules Two Worlds

Movies and video games. Video games and movies. Over the last half-decade, the two have linked to each other in an awkward conceptual waltz, like something out of a junior high school mixer. As game developers and film studios twirl each other around, dreams about attaining cinema’s Aesthetic Legitimacy fill the head of the former.…

The Island of Lost Souls

Article: The Island of Lost Souls

It’s a good week for fans of movies about paranoid loners who stumble on enormous conspiracies while investigating seemingly innocuous crimes on remote, stormy islands filled with figurative ghosts. Funny how two movies that fit that basic description might be released in the same week. Funnier still that the films are from two master directors…

“The Wackness”

Article: “The Wackness”

Many movies wax nostalgic for the good old days; “The Wackness” is the only movie I can think of that’s nostalgic for a time occupied by people who are themselves nostalgic about their own good old days. Though writer/director Jonathan Levine’s wistful coming-of-age film wants us to miss New York City as we knew it…

Article: Interview: Josh Peck and Jonathan Levine on “The Wackness”

By Stephen Saito Jonathan Levine calls “The Wackness” a “second first film.” In a way, he’s speaking for his whole cast. While Levine is making his debut as a writer after helming the much buzzed-about (but still unreleased) teen horror comedy hybrid, “All the Boys Love Mandy Lane,” he hired an eclectic cast for his…

The Wide World of Drug Movies

Article: The Wide World of Drug Movies

In this week’s “The Wackness,” one-time Nickelodeon star Josh Peck plays a teenager who spends the summer of 1994 dealing pot out of an ice cream cart and consuming plenty of his own product. In honor of the film, and in particular of Ben Kingsley’s admirably fried performance as a shrink who accepts weed in…

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