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Learn to Crowdfund Your Baby and More with <em>The Portlandia Activity Book</em>

Article: Learn to Crowdfund Your Baby and More with The Portlandia Activity Book

To help you wile away the hours until Thursday, February 27 at 10/9c, when a new season of Portlandia appears on the horizon like a glimmer of sun after a month of grey overcast days, there’s a new Portlandia Activity Book for your reading pleasure. There you will find enough activities to get you through…

Get Artisanal with the Upcoming <em>Portlandia</em> Cookbook

Article: Get Artisanal with the Upcoming Portlandia Cookbook

Brush up on your pickling skills because the official Portlandia Cookbook is coming soon. Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein and co-creator/director Jonathan Krisel are crafting 50 recipes inspired by the characters and skits on the show, along with stories, sidebars and more. That means meals for the artisanal chef who is allergy aware, hyper-local, eco-conscious, small-batch-minded,…

Kristen Wiig Talks <em>Spoils</em>, Brings Date to Kimmel

Article: Kristen Wiig Talks Spoils, Brings Date to Kimmel

Kristen Wiig stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about playing Cynthia Morehouse in the television adaption of Eric Jonrosh’s bestselling novel, The Spoils of Babylon. During their conversation she talked about working with the all-star cast of Spoils, sort of working with Joaquin Phoenix in Her and things not at all working…

<em>The Spoils of Babylon</em>: Meet the New Mrs. Devon Morehouse

Article: The Spoils of Babylon: Meet the New Mrs. Devon Morehouse

In The Spoils of Babylon, the attraction between Jonas Morehouse’s adopted son Devon and daughter Cynthia is uncomfortably strong. But social mores and customs deem that the siblings’ love can never be. Serving his country overseas gives Devon the perfect opportunity to finally meet someone who is a real doll. Meet the new Ms. Devon…

Watch Haley Joel Osment Talk <em>Spoils</em> on <em>Ferguson</em>

Article: Watch Haley Joel Osment Talk Spoils on Ferguson

In Spoils, Osment plays Cynthia Morehouse’s (Kristen Wiig) illegitimate son Winston, a schemer who the actor described to the New York Daily News as a “Shakespearean bastard.” But last night on Late Late Show, Ferguson only had nice things to say about the star, going so far as to call him a “pleasant young man.”…

This Season on <em>Spoils</em> and Catch a Glimpse of Eric Jonrosh

Article: This Season on Spoils and Catch a Glimpse of Eric Jonrosh

This Thursday at 10/9c, author Eric Jonrosh will finally reveal The Spoils of Babylon–an epic miniseries event based on his best-selling novel. The show chronicles the rise of the Morehouse family as they make their fortune in the oil business. But besides the boardrooms and dusty Texas oil wells, the sweeping story also tells the…

BuzzFeed Block: Spend Saturday with Ace Ventura and The Dude

Article: BuzzFeed Block: Spend Saturday with Ace Ventura and The Dude

On this Saturday’s Buzzfeed Block, starting at 8/7c, we’re showing Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls back-to-back with The Big Lebowski. The films star Jim Carrey and Jeff Bridges as two guys dealing with sticky situations (the backside of a rhino, mistaken identity). But they aren’t the only ones to ever get in too deep, of…

The Saga Begins: <em>The Spoils of Babylon</em> Premieres Thursday at 10/9c

Article: The Saga Begins: The Spoils of Babylon Premieres Thursday at 10/9c

The wait is almost over. The Spoils of Babylon premieres this Thursday at 10/9c on IFC, bringing forth the return of awe-inspiring television. Based on the bestselling novel by Eric Jonrosh, Spoils tells a sweeping tale of love, war, and excess. (Think The Thorn Birds and Shogun, but much much sexier.) For a glimpse of…

<em>The Spoils of Babylon</em> Fever Continues to Spread

Article: The Spoils of Babylon Fever Continues to Spread

It seems like everyone is excited about The Spoils of Babylon. Even Fred Armisen. Check out an image of the Portlandia star reading Eric Jonrosh’s epic novel below, and tune in to the miniseries event, which premieres Thursday, January 9th at 10/9c.

10 Movie & TV Mannequins We Wish Were Real

Article: 10 Movie & TV Mannequins We Wish Were Real

One of the breakout stars of IFC’s The Spoils of Bablyon is Lady Anne—a scene-stealing mannequin voiced by Carey Mulligan. Although she lacks a pulse, her grace and charisma can’t be denied. To get ready for the epic miniseries event—premiering Thursday, Jan. 9 at 10/9c—here are 10 mannequins (and other pulse-less wonders) with serious acting…

The Citizens of <em>Portlandia</em>: Ashby Lee Collinson

Article: The Citizens of Portlandia: Ashby Lee Collinson

Meet Ashby Lee Collinson, one of the “Citizens of Portlandia.” We are highlighting some of the familiar faces from the show in order to prove once and for all that Portlandia is not a documentary. You may recognize Ashby from that time she won the Battle of the Gentle Bands or when she used to…

IFC and The Alamo Drafthouse Team Up For “Slightly Off Cinema Sundays”

Article: IFC and The Alamo Drafthouse Team Up For “Slightly Off Cinema Sundays”

We’re teaming up with Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to make Sunday nights just a little more fun for movie fans. Beginning in January 2014, the network and theater chain will join forces for “IFC and Alamo Drafthouse Slightly Off Cinema Sundays,” with thematically paired movie line-ups every Sunday night. Each month there’s a new theme and…

Watch Santa Galifianakis Sing an Odd Carol with Reggie Watts

Article: Watch Santa Galifianakis Sing an Odd Carol with Reggie Watts

Zach Galifianakis stopped by to share some seasons greetings in a special holiday-themed episode of Reggie Makes Music. Pour yourself some eggnog, put a yule log on the fire and gather around the synthesizer to sing some carols with Zach and Reggie. Then tune in to Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday at 10/9c and hang…

Santa Galifianakis Watches Your Parents Have Sex

Article: Santa Galifianakis Watches Your Parents Have Sex

Ever wonder what Santa Claus does on his off time? On this week’s season finale of Comedy Bang! Bang!, Santa Claus (played by Zach Galifianakis, of course) stops by to tell you. Old Saint Nick reminds you that not only does he know when you are bad or good, but he also sees what your…

Fred Armisen Runs From Zombies in New Red Fang Video

Article: Fred Armisen Runs From Zombies in New Red Fang Video

Portland sludge rockers Red Fang have released a new video, featuring Portlandia‘s Fred Armisen hiding from an undead horde. While Fred has a lot of experience running from DJ zombies, the walking dead in this clip don’t want you to come to their DJ night, they want your beer. They want ALL the beer and…

<em>CBB</em> GIF Recap: Magic, Dancing and More Magic

Article: CBB GIF Recap: Magic, Dancing and More Magic

1. Scott has moves like Jagger. 2. Magic Mike may have an opening for this guy. 3. Chief Scott-um? …Um, Scott? 4. Sorry about your magic balls, Zach. Reggie’s sons look just like him: Watch this episode of Comedy Bang! Bang! on IFC.com. Want the latest news from Comedy Bang! Bang!? Like them on Facebook…

<em>The Birthday Boys</em>: “Molly Ringwald” Recaps “Going All the Way”

Article: The Birthday Boys: “Molly Ringwald” Recaps “Going All the Way”

By Celebrity Recapper Molly Ringwald Hello! I’m Hollywood celebrity Molly Ringwald. The Birthday Boys asked me to recap episode nine of their show. I’m not exactly sure why they asked me. I’ve actually never heard of these guys let alone met them… Maybe I’ll understand why they asked me as I watch and recap the…

Catch The Season Finales of <em>CBB</em> and <em>The Birthday Boys</em> This Friday at 10/9c

Article: Catch The Season Finales of CBB and The Birthday Boys This Friday at 10/9c

Zach Galifianakis joins Comedy Bang! Bang! for the season finale, which just happens to also be a Christmas-themed episode. Zach and Scott get in a few special holiday moments of couch time before Scott learns an important lesson about the meaning of Christmas when the bonuses get lost. Then in the season finale of The…

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