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I'm a lifelong Chicagoan and a full-time freelance writer who slings words for NBC Chicago, Maxim, @GAMER, E3's Show Daily and all sorts of other far-flung publications. I also teach comedy writing at The Second City and the games biz at DePaul University. I'm a consultant for Adult Swim and am a former Onion editor. Come stalk me on @davidwolinsky.
Aziz Ansari Is Your New Favorite Rap Star

Article: Aziz Ansari Is Your New Favorite Rap Star

Aziz Ansari has found the perfect way to advance his musical career after his sexy duet with Reggie Watts: appearing on rap songs. The comedian–as his popular Randy character–has been sampled on Drake’s latest track “All Me.” Give it a listen below. In case you missed it, here’s Aziz and Reggie singing a sensual song…

Ditch Film School, Just Watch <em>The Simpsons</em>

Article: Ditch Film School, Just Watch The Simpsons

The Simpsons has long saved pop-culture dorks the trouble of watching influential films with the show’s brilliant nods and references. But what it hasn’t done is told viewers, explicitly, “Hey, we’re paying tribute to Scarface or Ernest Goes to Jail.” Well, the geniuses over at Next Movie are doing their part to make you as…

Hear Kumail Nanjiani on His Comic-Con Experiences

Article: Hear Kumail Nanjiani on His Comic-Con Experiences

Comic-Con isn’t exactly a place where normal socializing takes place or is even encouraged. That said, that has no bearing on Kumail Nanjiani’s Comic-Con experience he shared on Conan Tuesday night, largely because it revolves around the way children act around their costumed parents in the bathroom. Yeah. It’s a little weird, but very funny.…

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