13 Most Disgusting Horror Movie Moments


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Horror flicks rely on a number of weapons to freak us out – shock, suspense, and the good old-fashioned grossout. In this feature, we’ll share 13 of the most disgusting scenes ever.


13. Dead Alive

Before Peter Jackson became the go-to guy for hobbits, he made blood-soaked grossouts like Dead Alive, which features an epic zombie lawnmower bloodbath.

12. Zombie

The Lucio Fulci sleaze classic Zombie has one of the most disturbing eye injuries ever filmed, when a woman gets a huge wooden splinter rammed into her socket.

11. Saw II

The Saw series boasts a number of awful moments, but for our money the worst comes in Saw II when Amanda falls into a pit full of hypodermic needles.

9. The Fly

David Croenenberg took a forgettable 50s horror flick and turned it into a body horror masterpiece that’s still nauseating today.

8. Misery

The hobbling scene in this Stephen King adaptation doesn’t have tons of blood and gore, so it’s amazing that it’s stomach-churning anyways.

7. Halloween 3

Even without Michael Myers the Halloween series can pack a punch of disgustingness, as in this scene where a little kid’s head explodes into a mass of bugs and snakes.

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