10 Most Gruesome Tarantino Moments


Quentin Tarantino is known for his many signature staples in his films, such as black comedy and the copious use of racial slurs, but some of the most enduring of his cinematic moments are the particularly disturbing acts of violence and cruelty, which manage to resonate to audiences often desensitized to them. To make the point, here are 10 gruesome Tarantino – from Reservoir Dogs to Django Unchained.

10. Mr. Blonde Vs. The Cop

A disturbing torture sequence from Reservoir Dogs made us realize that all bets were off in this, Tarantino’s first film.

9. Zed, Maynard & The Gimp

When you think of Pulp Fiction in this context, you go right to that creepy as basement.

8. “I Shot Marvin in the Face”

Vincent’s bad trigger discipline leads to a massive clusterfuck that leads to Tarantino waxing poetic on-camera about his storage capabilities.

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