Swinging for The Fences: 9 Audition Home Runs


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The bonus features on the upcoming Season 9 DVD of The Office include the audition tapes of several now-famous faces who didn’t quite make the cut when it came time to cast the show. Included on the tape are Adam Scott; Seth Rogen (pre-Knocked Up); John Cho; Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet; and Bob Odenkirk, who was cast as boss Michael Scott before getting ousted by Steve Carrell.

The Office Strike-Outs

Here are nine other great audition tapes from stars who are now famous:

1. Steve Carell’s audition for Anchorman:

2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s audition for Superbad was his first audition ever:

3. Jimmy Fallon’s audition for SNL:

4. Russell Brand’s entirely improv’d audition for Forgetting Sarah Marshall:

5. Aaron Paul’s audition for Breaking Bad:

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