Screw You, Hitler!

Screw You, Hitler! (photo)

Commemorate his birthday with a laughably bad movie about his disembodied head.

Since I don’t follow a whole lot of white supremacists on there, there’s only one reason why Adolph Hitler would be blowing up my Twitter feed right now: today is April 20, his birthday. To me, there’s no better way to celebrate this awful man’s day than by watching an awful movie about him. The horrors he inflicted on this world were so unbelievably heinous that nothing we could do to him now would repair even a fraction of the damage. But laughing at him in this piece of garbage, one of the worst movies ever made, gives us just a little taste of payback.

Technically, “They Saved Hitler’s Brain” is actually two of the worst movies ever made. I will let BadMovies.org explain:

“In 1963, director David Bradley made a modest, yet confusing, little film called ‘Madmen of Mandoras about the preserved head of Hitler leading a group of South American Nazi refugees in an attempt to take over the world. Several years later, in the early 1970s, American TV stations were desperate to buy any type of movie to fill in the two hour gaps in their schedules. Fitting the definition of “any type of movie,” ‘Madmen of Mandoras’ would have been a candidate, except that it was only 60 minutes long. With typical American ingenuity, ‘Madmen”s distributors hired a bunch of UCLA film students to create 30 minutes of additional footage that they intercut with the original film to make it suitable for TV viewing. ‘Madmen,’ with its large cast of poorly introduced characters, had been confusing enough. The new material, which adds new characters, twists, and incongruous hairstyles, makes things much, much worse. If plot holes were nickels, you could buy a gallon of gas with ‘They Saved Hitler’s Brain.’”

It’s really a terrible, terrible film, and I say this as a guy who’s seen and enjoyed “Birdemic” half a dozen times. For the next nine days, the entire thing is available on Google Videos. After that, you’ll have to find another way to make fun of “Mr. H.” For now, it’s embedded here. Happy 4/20! And, yes, April 20 is also a famous marijuana holiday. Wikipedia has the origin of the whole 420 pot smoking thing, but I like to think that a few decades ago people watching “They Saved Hitler’s Brain” on this day realized the only way to enjoy the movie was to get high while doing so.


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