Velvet Underground’s Moe Tucker Plays For The Tea Party Now

Velvet Underground's Moe Tucker Plays For The Tea Party Now (photo)

I'm not sticking with you: The VU's Moe Tucker speaks out for the Tea Baggers.

I’m still in shock from reading this news on Stereogum about primitivist drummer and doll-voiced Velvet, Moe Tucker being a Tea Party fanatic. Say it ain’t so Moe.

It’s like finding out that Henry Rollins has just been wearing a fake muscle suit all these years and he’s really a skinny, mild-mannered pushover. Moe’s strayed a long way off from being in a band at the center of 1960′s and 70′s American counter culture. She’s best known for her unrelenting, tribal drumming style of the time — opting to take her bass drum, turn it upright and pound away on it with mallets like a maniac.

Now she’s out at rally’s with poorly dressed people who can’t get their facts straight, yelling about socialism. This is one of the farthest falls from cool in music history.

[Moe's bit starts at 2:40 in this totally unbiased news clip.]

Still, the music remains:

Moe Tucker singing on “I’m Sticking with You” — The Velvet Underground

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