More Words = More Fun with “Super Scribblenauts”

More Words = More Fun with "Super Scribblenauts" (photo)

The charming DS game gets a sequel that expands its vocabulary.

“Scribblenauts” came out of nowhere to become 2009′s critical darling. It meshed too-cute paper-marionette visuals with a exceedingly clever play mechanic. To help plucky, hat-wearing Max collect magical Starites, you typed out words and watched the nouns animate on screen. Type out dragon and watch a cartoon firebreather fly Max to his goal.

The new sequel adds more words, including adjectives, to the mix. The entities in the game have limited AI so part of the fun is in throwing random words together and seeing what happens. Though it’s aimed at kids, “Super Scribblenauts” will enchant the parents who buy it, too. It’s out today for Nintendo DS and DSi.

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