The Naughts Project

The Naughts Project (photo)

Picking the people, pairings and movies that we think will seem emblematically "so 2000s" to anyone looking back.

We never gave this decade a name.

The Oughts? The Naughties? The Zeroes? For all of the momentous things that happened in the past almost ten years — and 2000, for many reasons, does seem like another faraway era — nothing managed to stick by way of a label. And so, now, it seems a little strange to find ourselves rounding up a decade we couldn’t even decide on a designation for.

In that spirit, instead of offering more best-of-the-’00s lists, we decided we’d look for the identity of the decade in what we know best — the movies. We give you the Naughts Project, a two-week series of features arguing for the emblematic people, pairings, films and, because, we couldn’t resist, television of the 2000s.

When we look back, thirty years from now, we expect these choices to stand in for all that’s occurred in this first span of the new millennium — choices that will prompt people to say, “Oh, that’s so, er… that’s so 2000 to 2009!”

R. Emmet Sweeney on Matt Damon
Actor of the ’00s
Matt Singer on Marlin and Dory
Platonic Pair of the ’00s
Nick Schager on “The Sopranos”
TV Show of the ’00s
Michelle Orange on Nicole Kidman
Actress of the ’00s
Aaron Hillis on “Tarnation”
Documentary of the ’00s
Brandon Kim on “Hey Ya!”
Song of the ’00s
Charles Taylor on Betty and Rita
Romantic Pair of the ’00s
Alison Willmore on Steven Soderbergh
Director of the ’00s

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