10 Questions We Still Have About The Matrix Trilogy

The Matrix

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Way back in 1999, the Wachowski siblings blew our minds with The Matrix. But over a decade after the last one, The Matrix Revolutions, came out we still have unanswered questions. Let’s dive into the cyberverse and puzzle them out.

10. How did Agent Smith leave the Matrix?

The trilogy’s primary antagonist is just a relentless piece of code, right? So how does he appear in the “real world” at the end of The Matrix: Reloaded?

9. Why don’t machines find a better power source?

Keeping human beings alive in pods to siphon their bioelectricity seems super wasteful, so you’d think that the AI of the Matrix would explore geothermal energy or something.

8. What happened to the Rogue Programs?

The second and third films introduced other rogue AIs like the Merovingian – what happened to them after the Matrix rebooted?

7. How did Neo get to the Train Station?

After disarming the Sentinels in the real world, Neo gets jacked into the Matrix without going through a phone and wakes up in the Train Station. How’d he do that?

6. How did Agent Smith get into Bane’s body?

We know that programs have avatars inside the Matrix, but when Smith killed hacker Bane and possessed him in the real world, it was a little confusing.

5. If humans had EMP devices, why didn’t they use them to take the Matrix offline?

The underground city of Zion was protected against Sentinels by EMP bombs, implying that humans had that technology. Why wouldn’t they use it offensively?

4. What happens to the Twins?

Sure, their car explodes at the end of the fight in The Matrix: Reloaded, but the dreadlocked albinos survived, only to be never seen again.

3. Why did the Oracle tell Neo that he was not “The One?”

Uh, Neo was The One. That was kind of the whole point of everything. So why would she lie to him?

2. Why is Seraph’s code gold, not green?

The Oracle’s bodyguard Seraph is the only human character in the series who appears with a golden aura of “code,” and not a green one. What’s so special about him?

1. Where were the werewolves?

In the movies, the Oracle mentions stories of “vampires, werewolves and aliens” as glitches in the Matrix. How come we never saw any of them?

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Inauguration Alternative

Bill Murray On Repeat

It's a movie "Murray-thon" all-day Friday on IFC.

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Photo Credit: Everett Collection, GIFs courtesy of GIPHY

Democrats, Republicans and Millennials agree: 2017 is shaping up to be a spectacle — a spectacle that really kicks into high gear this Friday with the presidential inauguration. Not only will the new POTUS swear in, but all the Country’s highest offices will be filled. It’s a daunting prospect, and to feel a little anxious about it is only normal. But if your anxiety is snowballing into panic, we have a solution:
Bill Murray.

He’s the human embodiment of a mental “Happy Place”, and there’s really no problem he can’t solve. So, with that in mind, how about we all set aside reality for a moment and let Bill take the pain away by imagining a top-shelf White House cabinet filled exclusively by his signature characters. Here are a few hypothetical appointments for your consideration…

Secretary of Defense:
Bill Murray from Stripes

His incompetence is balanced by charm, and dumb luck is inexplicably on his side. America could do worse.

Secretary of State:
Bill Murray from Lost In Translation

A seasoned globetrotter steeped in regional traditions who has the respect of the whole wide world. And he kills Costello in karaoke, which is very important.

Press Secretary:
Bill Murray from Ghostbusters

“Cats and dogs, living together. Mass hysteria.” Dude knows how to brief a room.

Secretary of Health and Human Services:
Bill Murray from What About Bob.

A doctor-approved people person who knows that progress is measured in baby steps.

Secretary of Energy:
Bill Murray from Groundhog Day

Let’s be honest, this world is going to need a lot of do-overs.

Feeling better? Hold on to that bliss. And enjoy a healthy alternative to the inauguration brouhaha with multiple Murrays all Friday long in an IFC movie marathon including Kingpin, Zombieland, Ghostbusters, and Ghostbusters II.

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Home Run

Hank Azaria Gets Thrown A Curve Ball

Brockmire Premieres April 5 at 10P

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Photo Credit: Everett Collection

Unless you’ve somehow missed every episode of the Simpsons since 1989, then surely you know that Hank Azaria is one of the most important character actors of our time. He’s so prolific and his voice is so dynamic that he’s responsible for more iconic personalities than most folks realize. Basically, he’s the great and powerful Oz — except that when you pull back the curtain the truth is actually more impressive. And now Hank is coming to IFC to bring yet another character to the TV pop culture hive mind in the new series Brockmire. Check out the trailer below.

Based on the following Funny or Die short and co-starring Amanda Peet, Brockmire follows the story of imploded major league sportscaster Jim Brockmire as he tries to resurrect his career by calling plays for a floundering minor league team in a podunk town.

The series is written by Joel Church-Cooper (Undateable) and produced by Funny or Die’s Mike Farah and Joe Farrell, meaning that there’s funny in front of the camera, funny behind the camera–funny all around. Sounds like a ball to us.

Brockmire premieres April 5 at 10P on IFC.

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Car Notes

Portlandia On People Who Can’t Park

Portlandia returns tonight at 10P on IFC.

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If flagrant bad parking takes nerve, then retaliatory note writing takes neuroses. Watch Fred and Carrie take passive aggression to next level in Car Notes, the new Portlandia web series presented by Subaru. The first episode is yours right here and now, and you can see every installment of Car Notes anytime online, on the IFC app and on demand.

Portlandia returns tonight at 10P on IFC.

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