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Month: May 2015

Mad Max 80s

This ’80s-Style Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer Is Pretty Damn Awesome

Check out what Fury Road would look like if it was made in the ’80s.


Watch Thomas Middleditch Play Goat Simulator and Other Weird Apps

And then watch him on Comedy Bang! Bang! on


Some Comedy Geniuses Made a Brand-New Episode of Seinfeld

It’s a sketch about nothing.


10 ‘90s Movie Soundtracks We’ll Listen to Forever

No Titanic, please.


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Action Figures Are Coming Your Way

Best reason yet to go to Comic Con.


These Two Dancers Created the Worst Motivational Dance Montage of All Time

Catch the brand new web series Horrible Insane Girl now in IFC’s Comedy Crib.


Comedy Bang! Bang! Just Revealed the Epic Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cast

You don’t mess with the Guardians.


10 Actors Who Found Life After Doctor Who

10 actors who regenerated to fame after Doctor Who.

Entourage Trailer

Bob’s Burgers Writer Will See the Entourage Movie for $10,000

Yeah yeah! Make this writer see Entourage for a good cause.


Reggie Watts and Paul F. Tompkins Share Drinks and Laughs on Speakeasy

It’s always nice to see two of your people together in an entirely new setting.