5 Reasons Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Be Awesome

Ben Affleck as Batman

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It’s official! Rugged, respected Ben Affleck will don the cape and cowl for Zack Snyder in Warner Brothers’ upcoming Batman vs Superman. Here are some predictions for how it will go down.

1. Batman Will Have a Boston Accent

Rather than speak in an affected growl, Affleck’s Batman will speak in a thick Boston accent accompanied by frequent utilization of the word “Wicked” and a bevy of expletives.

2. Batman Will Have a Super Chin

We usually associate Bat Actors with luscious lips, but in Affleck’s case it’s going to be all about the chin. If we’re really lucky, he smack Superman with it at least once.

3. Batman Will Be Funny, Violent

When Affleck wants to woo, he’s very very charming. When Affleck wants to fight, he’s very very violent. Hopefully Batman vs Superman will let him be both.

4. Batman Will Have a Beard

Affleck is a pretty hirsute guy, especially lately. If he keeps with this look, this could be the first Batman able to moonlight as a Duck Dynasty cast member.

5. Batman Will Have a Kick-Ass Robin

You know you want to see Matt Damon or Casey Affleck as Robin. They’re too old for it, but who cares. It’s better than Kevin Smith.

Soap tv show

As the Spoof Turns

15 Hilarious Soap Opera Parodies

Catch the classic sitcom Soap Saturday mornings on IFC.

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Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures Television

The soap opera is the indestructible core of television fandom. We celebrate modern series like The Wire and Breaking Bad with their ongoing storylines, but soap operas have been tangling more plot threads than a quilt for decades. Which is why pop culture enjoys parodying them so much.

Check out some of the funniest soap opera parodies below, and be sure to catch Soap Saturday mornings on IFC.

1. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman


Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was a cult hit soap parody from the mind of Norman Lear that poked daily fun at the genre with epic twists and WTF moments. The first season culminated in a perfect satire of ratings stunts, with Mary being both confined to a psychiatric facility and chosen to be part of a Nielsen ratings family.

2. IKEA Heights

ikea heights

IKEA Heights proves that the soap opera is alive and well, even if it has to be filmed undercover at a ready-to-assemble furniture store totally unaware of what’s happening. This unique webseries brought the classic formula to a new medium. Even IKEA saw the funny side — but has asked that future filmmakers apply through proper channels.

3. Fresno


When you’re parodying ’80s nighttime soaps like Dallas and Dynasty , everything about your show has to equally sumptuous. The 1986 CBS miniseries Fresno delivered with a high-powered cast (Carol Burnett, Teri Garr and more in haute couture clothes!) locked in the struggle for the survival of a raisin cartel.

4. Soap


Soap was the nighttime response to daytime soap operas: a primetime skewering of everything both silly and satisfying about the source material. Plots including demonic possession and alien abduction made it a cult favorite, and necessitated the first televised “viewer discretion” disclaimer. It also broke ground for featuring one of the first gay characters on television in the form of Billy Crystal’s Jodie Dallas. Revisit (or discover for the first time) this classic sitcom every Saturday morning on IFC.

5. Too Many Cooks


Possibly the most perfect viral video ever made, Too Many Cooks distilled almost every style of television in a single intro sequence. The soap opera elements are maybe the most hilarious, with more characters and sudden shocking twists in an intro than most TV scribes manage in an entire season.

6. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace


Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace was more mockery than any one medium could handle. The endless complications of Darkplace Hospital are presented as an ongoing horror soap opera with behind-the-scenes anecdotes from writer, director, star, and self-described “dreamweaver visionary” Garth Marenghi and astoundingly incompetent actor/producer Dean Learner.

7. “Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive,” MadTV


Soap opera connoisseurs know that the most melodramatic plots are found in Korea. MADtv‘s parody Tae Do  (translation: Attitudes and Feelings, Both Desirable and Sometimes Secretive) features the struggles of mild-mannered characters with far more feelings than their souls, or subtitles, could ever cope with.

8. Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks, the twisted parody of small town soaps like Peyton Place whose own creator repeatedly insists is not a parody, has endured through pop culture since it changed television forever when it debuted in 1990. The show even had it’s own soap within in a soap called…

9. “Invitation to Love,” Twin Peaks


Twin Peaks didn’t just parody soap operas — it parodied itself parodying soap operas with the in-universe show Invitation to Love. That’s more layers of deceit and drama than most televised love triangles.

10. “As The Stomach Turns,” The Carol Burnett Show


The Carol Burnett Show poked fun at soaps with this enduring take on As The World Turns. In a case of life imitating art, one story involving demonic possession would go on to happen for “real” on Days of Our Lives.

11. Days of our Lives (Friends Edition)


Still airing today, Days of Our Lives is one of the most famous soap operas of all time. They’re also excellent sports, as they allowed Friends star Joey Tribbiani to star as Dr Drake Ramoray, the only doctor to date his own stalker (while pretending to be his own evil twin). And then return after a brain-transplant.

And let’s not forget the greatest soap opera parody line ever written: “Come on Joey, you’re going up against a guy who survived his own cremation!”

12. Acorn Antiques


First appearing on the BBC sketch comedy series Victoria Wood As Seen on TV, Acorn Antiques combines almost every low-budget soap opera trope into one amazing whole. The staff of a small town antique store suffer a disproportional number of amnesiac love-triangles, while entire storylines suddenly appear and disappear without warning or resolution. Acorn Antiques was so popular, it went on to become a hit West End musical.

13. “Point Place,” That 70s Show


In a memorable That ’70s Show episode, an unemployed Red is reduced to watching soaps all day. He becomes obsessed despite the usual Red common-sense objections (like complaining that it’s impossible to fall in love with someone in a coma). His dreams render his own life as Point Place, a melodramatic nightmare where Kitty leaves him because he’s unemployed. (Click here to see all airings of That ’70s Show on IFC.)

14. The Spoils of Babylon


Bursting from the minds of Will Ferrell and creators Andrew Steele and Matt Piedmont, The Spoils of Babylon was a spectacular parody of soap operas and epic mini-series like The Thorn Birds. Taking the parody even further, Ferrell himself played Eric Jonrosh, the author of the book on which the series was based. Jonrosh returned in The Spoils Before Dying, a jazzy murder mystery with its own share of soapy twists and turns.


15. All My Children Finale, SNL


SNL‘s final celebration of one of the biggest soaps of all time is interrupted by a relentless series of revelations from stage managers, lighting designers, make-up artists, and more. All of whom seem to have been married to or murdered by (or both) each other.

10 Hollywood Ripoffs That Are Awesome Anyway


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With its penchant for endless sequels, prequels, and remakes, Hollywood is far from the most original place in the world. But sometimes this aggressive copying can lead to movies that accidentally develop their own identity amidst all the ripping off. Here are just ten of probably a million possible examples.

1. Go

Movie it Ripped-Off: Pulp Fiction
Go may not have a ton in common with Pulp Fiction when it comes to tone or plot, but its non-chronological storytelling, its pitch black humor, and it’s tendency to have characters display their quirkiness via forced pop culture references were all lifts from Quentin Tarantino’s now classic 1994 film. Luckily, it’s all for the greater good as Go offers a comedy blast from beginning to end.

2. PCU

Movie it Ripped-Off: Animal House
Every generation needs its slobs vs. snobs college movie, and ’90s kids got theirs with PCU, a film that steals so liberally from John Landis’ Animal House that it sometimes feels like an unconnected DTV sequel, like the fourth or fifth American Pie movie. Thanks to some funny performances and heaping doses of good, old fashioned nostalgia, PCU has become a minor cult classic in its own right.

3. The Fast and the Furious

Movie it Ripped-Off: Point Break
Two dudes. One’s an undercover cop. One’s a criminal. They are united by love for an extreme sport. A bromance blossoms. But duty demands that the cop betray the outlaw. Will he do it? You have to watch both Point Break or The Fast and the Furious to find out.

4. Torque

Movie it Ripped-Off: The Fast and the Furious
What goes around comes around. When you actually sit down and watch Torque, it becomes clear that director Joseph Kahn does not so much rip-off The Fast and the Furious, but parodies it. To outsiders, however, it looks like just another F&F film, albeit this time with motorcycles and Ice Cube.

5. Gamera

Movie it Ripped-Off: Godzilla
The success of Godzilla brought forth a whole industry of copycats and imitators. The best and most successful of the bunch was Gamera. This giant monster turtle somehow managed to be both more kid friendly and more violent than Godzilla, giving his films enough character to stand out on their own.

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10 Adam Sandler Movies That Are Actually Hilarious


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By Evan Saathoff

We’ve all probably seen an Adam Sandler movie of less than stellar quality. The guy makes at least one film every year, and not all of them can be brilliant. But not all of them are total duds, either. The guy has also put out some real winners in his time. Here are his ten funniest.

1. Billy Madison

Before Adam Sandler made mainstream romantic comedies for the sake of big box office returns, he made a couple masterpieces of pure infantile absurdity. Billy Madison is the more unhinged and unwieldy of the two, but it never stops pummeling you with odd, surprising jokes. From the Penguin Billy only sees when he’s drunk to the crazy lunch lady and her love of sloppy joes, this film is a classic.

2. Happy Gilmore

With Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler improved upon the random weirdness of Billy Madison and delivered his absolutely best film ever. Sandler would immediately abandon much of what made this and Billy Madison so special, but their supremacy still lives on. Plus, it beat Arrested Development to the Carl Weathers punchline by almost a decade.

3. Big Daddy

Of all Adam Sandler’s blatantly pandering family films, Big Daddy is probably the best if only because it avoids being a blatantly pandering family film right up until the third act. Watching a cute little kid act out his fantasies without parental restraint provides more comedy than you’d think, and the little kid (played by twins, of course) is cute enough to melt even the most staunch cynic’s heart.

4. Little Nicky

Little Nicky was Adam Sandler’s first real disappointment, and it’s a shame because while obviously not a massive comedy slam dunk or anything, the film is too funny for its awful reputation. If you can get over Sandler’s weird voice, there’s a lot more to like here than people often give it credit for, particularly thanks to Quentin Tarantino’s bizarre role as a repeatedly assaulted preacher. And Popeye’s Chicken.

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13 People Who Are Better at Revenge Than You


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1. Taylor Swift. Hell hath no fury like a pop star who writes songs about her exes.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

2. This coworker.

Hack his Facebook and see what happens. Go ahead. Hack it.

Photo courtesy of Img Fave

3. This girlfriend.

Because one ax doesn’t prove the point as well as five axes.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

4. Emily Thorne from ABC’s Revenge.

The name of the show is Revenge so you probably shouldn’t cross this chick.

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

5. This roommate.

Maybe now you’ll remember to change the toilet paper, Camden.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

6. The Count of Monte Cristo.

Wrongfully put in jail. His best friend marries his fiance. Finds treasure. gets rich. Makes everyone pay. So basically, winning.

Photo courtesy of Edward Small Productions / Everett Collection

7. V from V for Vendetta.

Ex-inmate turned vigilante conspiring against the government by blowing up buildings. Pretty badass.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bro. Pictures / Everett Collection

8. This intern.

That’s the last time his boss will ask him to go on a coffee-run.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

9. Carrie.

Let’s just saying no one will be pouring a bucket of anything on Carrie anytime soon.

Photo courtesy of Everett Collection

10. This daughter.

Do the dishes? No thank you very much.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

11. Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption.

The best way to get revenge on being wrongfully imprisoned is to tunnel out of said prison.

Photo courtesy of Castle Rock Entertainment / Everett Collection

12. These garbage men.

They’ve had enough of parked cars blocking their way.

Photo courtesy of Reddit

13. This girl.

She realized Post-iting a car wasn’t enough revenge, so she cellophaned it too.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

Who is your favorite revenge getter? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

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