Gotcha!: 12 Early Videos of (Now) Great Comedians


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Comedians these days have it rough. In the age of iPhones and YouTube, it’s almost impossible for an up-and-comer to hone their act without someone filming every shaky premise and botched punch line. But the 80s and 90s weren’t camera-free, either. Here’s a list of famous comedians caught on film—back when they were relatively unknown. Luckily, for them, they were still great.

1. Jerry Seinfeld’s First TV Appearance

2. Marc Maron

3. Larry David at the Improv

4. Seth Rogen Age 13


5. Louis C.K

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Fred Armisen and Stephen Colbert Sample Foghat Wine

Slow Vine

Fred Armisen and Stephen Colbert Had a Rockin’ Wine Tasting

Catch Fred on the new season of Portlandia Thursdays at 10P on IFC.

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As per The Late Show’s themed gift recommendation this past December, we all spent the holidays delightfully unwrapping various Foghat albums and compilations. And while those cassettes remain in our tape decks, there’s still more ’70s boogie rock to enjoy in the form of fermented grapes. Yes, Foghat has its very own wine, straight from the cellars of drummer and Late Show fan Roger Earl, and Portlandia’s Fred Armisen joined host Stephen Colbert to sample the goods. And thanks to Earl’s watchful eye and drumstick swirl during fermentation, the pinot noir unfolds nicely on the tongue and has the perfect notes to swig directly from the bottle while shrieking, “HELLO, CLEVELAND!”

Watch Fred Armisen and Stephen Colbert don literal “fog hats” and take a slow ride through some tasty spirits below.

Are They Serious? 7 Comedians Fight Back on Twitter


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Last week on his WTF podcast, Marc Maron and Michael Ian Black reignited their ongoing Twitter war. “I always try to make it better between us but it always ends up back at this,” Marc told Salon after the initial fight. “But we are generally OK with each other.” Apparently “OK” means airing dirty laundry on social media. What is clear is that Marc and Michael aren’t the only comics picking fights on social media.

1. Danny Zuker vs. Donald Trump

The Modern Family writer/producer and the real estate mogul turned reality TV star have a long-standing feud that has touched on everything from show cancellations, to the tragedy in Boston to bankruptcy filings and even Chinese labor. Here’s a typical barb:

2. Steve Martin vs. Norm MacDonald

This video captures one of the most adorable Twitter feuds ever:

3. Jenny Johnson vs. Chris Brown

The singer quit tweeting after a heated exchange with comedian Jenny Johnson. His fans responded by flooding her with death threats. Charming, no?

4. Marc Maron vs. Patton Oswalt

It was a fight, but all the tweets were hilarious. Read them for yourself here.

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10 Kick-Ass Reasons to Watch The Warriors Tonight


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Released in the late-70s, The Warriors set the tone for the gritty, violent actions films of the 80s. If you haven’t seen this gangbanging, Moltov-tossing tale set in futuristic Manhattan, this rundown is sure to persuade you.

1. The Bloody Set-Up
New York is overrun by warring gangs. One man can bring them all together. When he is mysteriously assassinated, all signs point to one gang: The Warriors. Together they must fight to clear their name.

2. Luthor’s Legendary Line
Played by David Patrick Kelly, Luthor is an unhinged weasel. His epic taunt, “Warriors, come out to play!” is the film’s mot memorable line.

3. The Baseball Furies
Probably the film’s most iconic image, the Baseball Furies are apparently big baseball fans who paint their faces like clowns and beat people up with their bats. Cheesy, but awesome.

4. The Videogame Structure
As the gang makes their way home, they must confront one rival outfit after another, all of which leads to a big boss fight at the end. No surprise: Rockstar adapted the film into a video game in 2005.

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