What to Watch This Week: July 29 – August 4


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Do not pass go, but head directly to Middle Earth tonight at 6/5c or 9:45/8:45c with a double feature of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Watch hobbits Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) try to destroy the One Ring. And don’t miss Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen) lighten up as he becomes Gandalf the White.


Brian De Palma’s classic Scarface tonight at 8/7c. Enough said. Follow the rise and fall of Al Pacino’s Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant from Castro’s jails who comes to America for a better life and ends up as the top man in a Miami drug cartel. It’s like if The Godfather did a whole bunch of cocaine and re-did its interiors in gold and white tiger pelts. Can’t make it at 8? We’re showing it again at 11:45 p.m. ET.


Cannibalistic mutants. Demented killers. Scalp-loving doctors. A double feature of terror tonight starting at 8/7c. First up is Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses followed by The Hills Have Eyes 2 at 10/9c, where cannibalistic mutants attack National Guardsmen (Michael McMillian, Jessica Stroup, Daniella Alonso) who are investigating a distress signal in the New Mexican desert.


It’s a miracle! The Green Mile starts at 8/7c. Michael Clarke Duncan is a death row inmate who has the supernatural ability to heal others. Tom Hanks stars as the prison guard who starts to believe in his powers and his innocence.

David Cross visits the set this week on an all-new Comedy Bang! Bang!. His interview is hijacked when Bob Odenkirk shows up as a Deputy Marshall on a mission. Look for guest appearances by Will Forte, Tim Meadows and “Weird Al” Yankovic when you tune in tonight at 10/9c.


This Saturday see two of the “worst ways to die” during the BuzzFeed Block. The dying begins at 8/7c with Poseidon and Cabin Fever back to back. Don’t miss BuzzFeed’s list “The 15 Worst Ways to Die”.


How often do you get to spend Sunday with Kurt Russell and Wilford Brimley? Not enough. Watch The Thing at 4:15 p.m. ET and see the bros battle a monstrous alien who can take on the body of anyone it engulfs.

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Car Notes

Portlandia Keeps Road Rage In Park

Get a lesson in parking etiquette on a new Portlandia.

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It’s the most American form of cause and effect: Park like a monster, receive a passive-aggressive note.

car notes note

This unofficial rule of the road is critical to keeping the great big wheel of car-related Karma in balance. And naturally, Portlandia’s Kath and Dave have elevated it to an awkward, awkward art form in Car Notes, the Portlandia web series presented by Subaru.

If you’ve somehow missed the memo about Car Notes until now, you can catch up on every installment online, on the IFC app, and on demand. You can even have a little taste right here:

If your interest is piqued – great news for you! A special Car Notes sketch makes an appearance in the latest episode of Portlandia, and you can catch up on it now right here.

Watch all-new Portlandia Thursdays at 10P on IFC.

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Naked and Hungry

Two New Ways to Threeway

IFC's Comedy Crib gets sensual in time for Valentine's Day.

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This week, two scandalous new digital series debut on IFC’s Comedy Crib.
Ménage à Trois invites people to participate in a real-life couple’s fantasy boudoir. And The Filling is Mutual follows two saucy chefs who invite comedians to make food inspired by their routines. Each show crosses some major boundaries in sexy and/or delicious ways, and each are impossible to describe in detail without arousing some awkward physical cravings. Which is why it’s best to hear it directly from the minds behind the madness…

Ménage à Trois

According to Diana Kolsky and Murf Meyer, the two extremely versatile constants in the ever-shifting à trois, “MàT is a sensually psychedelic late night variety show exploring matters of hearts, parts and every goddamn thing in between…PS, any nudes will be 100% tasteful.”

This sexy brainchild includes sketches, music, and props that would put Pee-wee’s Playhouse to shame. But how could this fantastical new twist on the vanilla-sex variety show format have come to be?

“We met in a UCB improv class taught by Chris Gethard. It was clear that we both humped to the beat of our own drum; our souls and tongues intermingled at the bar after class, so we dove in head first.”

Sign me up, but promise to go slow. This tricycle is going to need training wheels.

The Filling is Mutual

Comedians Jen Saunderson and Jenny Zigrino became best friends after meeting in the restroom at the Gotham Comedy Club, which explains their super-comfortable dynamic when cooking with their favorite comedians. “We talk about comedy, sex, menses, the obnoxiousness of Christina Aguilera all while eating food that most would push off their New Year’s resolution.”

The hook of cooking food based off of comedy routines is so perfect and so personal. It made us wonder about what dishes Jen & Jenny would pair with some big name comedy staples, like…

Bill Murray?
“Oh, that’s easy Meatballs with Lingonberry Space Jam it’d be great, but then we’d have to Oh, that’s easy Meatballs with Lingonberry Space Jam it’d be great, but then we’d have to… Oh, that’s easy Meatballs with Lingonberry Space Jam it’d be great, but then we’d have to avoid doing any kind of silly Groundhog Day reference.” 

Bridget Everett?
“Cream Balls… Sea Salt encrusted Chocolate Ganache Covered Ice Cream Ball that melt cream when you bite into them.” 

Nick Kroll & John Mulaney? 
“I’d make George and Gil black and white cookies from scratch and just as we open the oven to put the cookie in we’d prank ’em with an obnoxious amount of tuna!!!”

Carrie Brownstein & Fred Armisen? 
“Definitely a raw cacao “safe word” brownie. Cacao!”

Just perfect.

See both new series in their entirety on IFC’s Comedy Crib.

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Dark Arts

Foot Fetish Jesus And Other Nightmares

Meet the minds behind Comedy Crib's latest series, Quirks and The Mirror.

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The Mirror and Quirks are really, really strange. Deeply disturbing yet hauntingly beautiful. But you really don’t need to read a synopsis of either of the aforementioned shows to understand the exact variety of nightmare-bonkers comedy these shows deliver — that’s why the good lord made links. Instead, take a peek behind the curtain and meet the creators.


Let’s start with Kevin Tosi. Kevin does the whole show by himself. That doesn’t mean he’s a loner — Kevin has a day job with actual humans. But that day job is copywriting. So it’s only natural that his suppressed demons would manifest themselves in biting cartoon form, including “Foot Fetish Jesus”, in ways that somehow speak to all of us. If only all copywriters channeled their inner f*ckedupness into such…expressive art.

The Mirror

Onward to the folks at Wham City Comedy.

These guys aren’t your typical comedy collective in that their work is way more left-field and even elevated than your standard digital short. More funny weird than funny ha-ha. They’ve done collaborations with musicians like Beach House, Dan Deacon & Wye Oak, television networks (obviously), and others. Yeah they get paid, but their motivation feels deeper. Darker. Most of them are video artists, and that explains a lot.

See more of The Mirror and Quirks on IFC.com and the IFC app.

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