Jeremy Renner and Bill Condon eying WikiLeaks film

Jeremy Renner

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There are several film projects about WikiLeaks in the works right now, but one seems to be pulling ahead of the rest. DreamWorks’ planned take on the story has reportedly attracted two high profile talents: Jeremy Renner and director Bill Condon.

Deadline is reporting that the two are very interested in joining the DreamWorks film, though no deals have been made. Renner would look to play WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, while Condon would direct the movie. DreamWorks acquired the rights to two books — “Inside WikiLeaks: My Time With Julian Assange at the World’s Most Dangerous Website” and “WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange’s War on Secrecy” — last year, but no movement has been made on their take on the story until now.

However, Deadline is also reporting that this WikiLeaks project is looking to acquire independent financiers and move away from DreamWorks. Unsurprisingly, the studio is playing mum on the subject.

Still, it’s exciting news that Renner would be interested in playing the part. He’s hot off “The Avengers” and, with “The Bourne Legacy” coming out next month, is having the biggest year of his career since he was nominated for an Oscar in “The Hurt Locker.” If this WikiLeaks project is the first one of the many others in production to be made, then it could be huge. It would be nice to see Renner return to his dramatic side now that he’s cemented himself as an action star. And “Kinsey” director Bill Condon could likely use a break now that he’s wrapping up on “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2.”

“The Hurt Locker” scribe Mark Boal is currently writing a WikiLeaks project as well, and HBO and BBC shot their made-for-TV film during the spring. Then of course there’s the documentary “WikiLeaks: Secrets and Lies” that we saw and were wowed by at SXSW this year. Still, this DreamWorks version could be very interesting if it does land Renner and Condon.

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Bill Murray in Ghostbusters II

Hopebusters, Too

Ghostbusters II Predicted the World Will End on Valentine’s Day 2016

Catch Ghostbusters II this month on IFC. Provided the world doesn't end, of course.

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Far be it from us to contradict Mr. Bill Murray, but a prediction made in a scene from one of his films is about to be put to the test. If you remember Ghostbusters II, then you know that at the beginning of the film, retired ‘buster Peter Venkman is the host of a chat show called World of the Psychic. According to a guest on the show, the world will end on February 14th, 2016 — this Valentine’s Day.

Now, before you start looting, keep in mind the source of this information is a tad unreliable. Elaine (played by Sid and Nancy star Chloe Webb) sits with Venkman and relates how she received this intel from an alien who may or may not have disguised a UFO to look like a Holiday Inn in Paramus. Let’s just hope she misheard, otherwise there will be some awkward date nights this year.

Check out the grim prognostication in the clip below. Hopefully the world will still be here when Ghostbusters II airs Monday, Feb. 15th and throughout the month on IFC.

The “Bourne” franchise to continue with Jeremy Renner


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With “The Bourne Legacy” hitting theaters in less than a month, there’s been some debate about whether the franchise will stick with star Jeremy Renner from here on out or return to former leading man Matt Damon. We’ve heard plenty of rumors in recent weeks about Damon and Renner teaming up as Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross in a future “Bourne” movie, but producer Frank Marshall has now set the record straight to say that the series won’t be going back to Damon any time soon.

“We’re gonna follow Jeremy’s character,” Marshall said in a recent interview with ComingSoon.net. “Everything else is wide open. That’s the great thing about this now. The table is set to go any direction we want to. But we will, I’m sure, follow Jeremy and see what happens. Jeremy and Rachel [Weisz].”

Renner must be thrilled to hear that, though he played dumb when ComingSoon broached the question with him during the same junket.

“I’m excited that the architects and the creators behind this whole thing have cleverly left it wide open for fans like myself to wonder what’s going to go on next,” he hedged.

Marshall was singing a different tune when Empire caught up with him last month to talk about the franchise.

“You see there are several different [programs] in the movie with different skill sets. All possibilities are open. My dream is that in the next one we see Matt and Jeremy team up,” he said.

Damon was repeatedly asked about returning to “Bourne” while he was promoting Neill Blomkamp’s “Elysium” at Comic-Con, and ultimately said that if the script was right he would return for a movie in the series.

“I really want to do another one and I think Paul Greengrass does too,” he told ComingSoon. “But I think it’s the same question we’ve had after each one. If we really feel we can do it and that it will deserve to live with the other three that we did. If we can make one where we go into it feeling it can be even better than those, and it ends up being in that same ballpark, then we should do it. But If we can’t, then we really should leave it alone.”

But even he knew Universal Pictures and director Tony Gilroy likely wouldn’t stray from Renner’s path in “The Bourne Legacy” if that film does well.

“I think the movie will be really good,” Damon told E! Online. “Tony [Gilroy] is really smart, he’s a really good writer and a really good director and I’m sure he made a good movie. The question will be if they can franchise that movie, because if they can, then they’ll be done with me. They’ll just keep making those.”

“The Bourne Legacy” is due in theaters on August 10.

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“The Bourne Legacy” trailer gives us a surprising amount of Jason Bourne

Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy

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As the new “The Bourne Legacy” trailer repeatedly says, there was a lot more to the Jason Bourne story than the first three movies in the series teased.

The first full-length trailer expands upon the bare bones trailer released back in February, and shows us for the first time that this movie will actually be put in the context of Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne movies. We had sort of assumed that Jeremy Renner‘s Aaron Cross was going to fully replace Bourne as though he didn’t even exist, but we see in this trailer that the events of the previous three “Bourne” movies play an active role in “The Bourne Legacy’s” plot. And that is actually pretty freaking awesome.

We also get more of an idea of what makes Renner’s Cross so special. Rachel Weisz, who plays a doctor who looks to become Cross’s love interest, says he has two mutated chromosomes, which is part of what makes him so strong and agile. We get a taste of that in the trailer, especially when Cross uses landing on another person to break his fall at the end of the video. Hopefully the look on Weisz’s face after that is akin to the one on Carey Mulligan’s after Ryan Gosling stamped a man’s face in in “Drive,” and not a look of adoration.

Speaking of “Drive,” this trailer also gives us our first look at Oscar Isaac‘s character, who is apparently another Outcome agent. It was only a quick tease, but we’re interested to see what guiding role he plays for Cross in his quest for justice.

“The Bourne Legacy” also stars Edward Norton, Stacy Keach, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn. It’s due in theaters on August 3.

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