Meet the cast of Bunk: Chris Gethard


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You know Chris Gethard. We know Chris Gethard. Let’s talk about him anyway. You know that he loves breakfast burritos and would never let his mom look at his browser history, right? And that he loves doing movie interviews? And that he was our SXSW host and is really good at ping pong? We can prove that last one. Here he is getting ping-ponged:

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He also has his own talk show. Here he is numbing his mouth before his monologue on The Chris Gethard Show:

Recently Chris padded his already impressive resume by walking to Bonnaroo. Here’s his arrival video wherein he makes out with a banana:

He’s been a guest on Conan, where he taught the late night host how to pronounce his name:

Now fans of Chris can catch the comedian on our new game show, Bunk, where he is a frequent contestant. On the show Chris brings the winning combination of wit, charisma, and the ability to lie outrageously on demand. He’s also a good team player who is quick to acknowledge the contributions of others:

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Bunk airs on IFC on Fridays at 10:30/9:30c


Road Trip

Scott Aukerman Is Hitting the Road for a Comedy Bang! Bang! Live Tour

Scott and Comedy Bang! Bang! are coming to a town near you.

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Comprised of countless characters, hilarious guests, and running gags, Comedy Bang! Bang! simply can’t be contained in just its podcast and TV forms. As such, host Scott Aukerman is taking the show and its oddball cavalcade on the road in a brand new live tour. Fan favorites Lauren Lapkus, Paul F. Tompkins, and Neil Campbell will be along for the ride (either as themselves, as their show personas, or both — we’re not at liberty to say!), and there will surely be a few surprise drop-ins as well. And maybe…a little magic?

Scott Magic

Check out the tour dates below and catch the Comedy Bang! Bang! live tour when it swings nearby. And be sure to check back for updates on Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s new season, debuting this spring on IFC with new bandleader and cohost “Weird Al” Yankovic.

April 30 – Theater at the Ace—Los Angeles, CA
May 6 – Convocation Hall—Toronto, ON
May 7 – Wilbur Theatre—Boston, MA
May 8 – Keswick Theatre—Philadelphia, PA
May 9 – The Lincoln Theatre—Washington, DC
May 10 – The Carolina Theatre of Durham—Durham, NC
May 11 – The Tabernacle—Atlanta, GA
May 13 – Gramercy Theatre—New York, NY
May 17 – Texas Theatre—Dallas, TX
May 18 – Paramount Theatre—Austin, TX
May 19 – Pantages Theatre—Minneapolis, MN
May 20 – Athenaeum Theatre—Chicago, IL
May 21 – Royal Oak Music Theatre—Detroit, MI
May 22 – Paramount Theatre—Denver, CO
May 23 – Fox Theater—Oakland, CA
May 24 – Revolution Hall—Portland, OR
May 25 – The Moore Theatre—Seattle, WA
May 26 –Vogue Theatre—Vancouver, BC

Watch Reggie Make Music with Andy Daly


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Fans of good television know all about Andy Daly. Fans of bad television, welcome, we are here to help you turn over a new leaf. The actor, comedian and writer is probably best known for playing Principal Terrence Cutler on Eastbound & Down, his part on Mad TV and for his roles on shows like The Life and Times of Tim and Delocated. Comedy nerds (one of us! one of us!) know him from his turns with the Upright Citizens Brigade and Amy Poehler’s long-form improv comedy troupe The Swarm, and, of course, on Scott Aukerman’s Comedy Death Ray weekly comedy show. His Jerry O’Hearn character is the stuff of stand-up legend and you can (and should) listen to his performance that was recorded at the UCB theater in LA during the Comedy Death Ray fourth anniversary show. (You can listen to it here.)

Now Comedy Bang! Bang! fans are getting to know Daly, too, because they are a smart and oh-so-attractive group of people. Be part of the in-crowd and watch Andy Daly carry a tune in this latest installment of Reggie Makes Music. Then be sure to tune in to Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday at 10/9c:

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Comedy Bang! Bang! airs on IFC on Fridays at 10/9c

Don’t F*ck with Jon Hamm


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Just in case it’s not obvious to anyone and everyone who has ever watched Mad Men, let’s be clear: Don’t fuck with Jon Hamm. When the actor stopped by Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday he hammered that point home via a story he told Scott Aukerman and Reggie Watts on the set of our new talk show. Watch the clip below and you’ll know that if you even think about fucking with Jon Hamm he will unleash his now surely legendary double bird style on your ass and you will rue the day you were born. What’s double-bird style? Think the crane kick in “The Karate Kid” or the Crane from “Kung Fu Panda” or something less violent but equally awesome. Whatever you’re thinking of: It’s more awesome. This is Jon Hamm after all, the man who can sing a song about taxis or do the robot and still look cool, so if Jon Hamm is mad at you, you know he’s going to look good doing it.

Watch this clip and tune in to Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday at 10/9c for more awesomeness:

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Comedy Bang! Bang! airs on IFC on Fridays at 10/9c

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