“Thor 2″ will feature a “major new antagonist”

Chris Hemsworth in Thor

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Hot off the news that Mads Mikkelsen is in discussions for “Thor 2,” Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has come out and confirmed that the upcoming superhero flick will not have Loki reprise his role as main villain. While he didn’t go as far as to specify the character Mikkelsen is in the running for, Feige did tease a decidedly different look for Thor’s mythological kingdom than the one we saw in “Thor.”

“We’re going to see the other side of Asgard. It’s not all polished and golden in this film,” he told Empire (via /Film). “And the events of ‘Avengers’ will have affected Thor for sure. His relationship with Loki will continue to evolve, and the biggest part is Natalie and Thor returning with Jane Foster.”

Many had hoped assumed that Thanos would be the big bad this time around, considering the dramatic way he was teased at the end of “The Avengers.” But Feige continued to say that we won’t be seeing a face-off with him until farther down the line.

“No, future, future,” he said when asked about Thanos. “But there will be a major new villain. A major, major new antagonist.”

The main question is who will that be. Beyond Loki, Thor doesn’t have many major enemies specific to his universe. Only time and “Iron Man 3″ will tell how much crossover will continue to happen between the Marvel superhero movies now that “The Avengers” has happened, so there’s potentially the chance (though not likely) that “Thor 2’s” villain could come from a different character’s story. It is interesting to hear Feige describe Thor’s relationship with Loki as continuing to “evolve,” because maybe we’ll see the trickster god get redeemed after all.

Directed by “Game of Thrones” helmer Alan Taylor, “Thor 2″ stars Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman and Idris Elba. It is slated to hit theaters on November 15, 2013.

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Fred Armisen and Stephen Colbert Sample Foghat Wine

Slow Vine

Fred Armisen and Stephen Colbert Had a Rockin’ Wine Tasting

Catch Fred on the new season of Portlandia Thursdays at 10P on IFC.

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As per The Late Show’s themed gift recommendation this past December, we all spent the holidays delightfully unwrapping various Foghat albums and compilations. And while those cassettes remain in our tape decks, there’s still more ’70s boogie rock to enjoy in the form of fermented grapes. Yes, Foghat has its very own wine, straight from the cellars of drummer and Late Show fan Roger Earl, and Portlandia’s Fred Armisen joined host Stephen Colbert to sample the goods. And thanks to Earl’s watchful eye and drumstick swirl during fermentation, the pinot noir unfolds nicely on the tongue and has the perfect notes to swig directly from the bottle while shrieking, “HELLO, CLEVELAND!”

Watch Fred Armisen and Stephen Colbert don literal “fog hats” and take a slow ride through some tasty spirits below.

“Thor 2″ recruits Mads Mikkelsen as chief bad guy

Mads Mikkelsen in After the Wedding

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It seems like Loki won’t be “Thor 2’s” villain after all. The Trickster god will be playing second fiddle to Mads Mikkelson, who has been reportedly been cast as the upcoming Marvel movie’s baddie.

Variety has the news, adding that it has not been announced what part Mikkelsen will play. The outlet still describes Loki as an “antagonist” and says that Tom Hiddleston will have “a big part,” so maybe he won’t be switching sides to help his older brother out this time around.

There’s not much known about the plot of “Thor 2″ other than the fact that it won’t progress the Thanos storyline introduced at the end of “The Avengers.” Mikkelsen is the first new cast member we know of who is joining the movie, which will mark the return of Chris Hemsworth, Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins and Jaimie Alexander.

Our hope — and the one that’s been echoed by Hemsworth — is that “Thor 2″ spends a good deal of time in Asgard. Without the plot line of Thor being cast down to Earth, there’s not as much of a reason for him to be down there (except his lady love, Jane). With “Game of Thrones” director Alan Taylor at the helm, we’d love to see a bit more of the fantastical side of the “Thor” universe.

“Thor 2″ is slated to hit theaters on November 15, 2013.

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Joss Whedon wasn’t responsible for “The Avengers” most tragic scene


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Just as a warning, major spoilers are about to follow if you have yet to see “The Avengers.”

You know how a certain someone dies in “The Avengers”? Well, apparently it wasn’t Joss Whedon‘s fault.

The fan-favorite director has become infamous for killing off his characters in his projects. Wash in “Firefly.” Spike, Buffy’s mom, and like a million other people in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Penny in “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” Kitty Pryde in “The Astonishing X-Men.” The list goes on.

But the one death he’s not to blame for is spoiler alert Agent Phil Coulson. That’s all Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige’s fault.

“In our first meeting Kevin Feige said, this is what we’re gonna do and I said, ‘Oh but you have to go out there and tell everybody that it was your idea because this is going to get me so much shit. Because they are all going to be like, “Oh he did it again!”‘” Whedon said in a new interview with io9.

He continued, “It was stipulated from the beginning, and I completely agree that it was the right thing to do, and so did Clark. Who said in the early days, when I was busy apologizing for it, ‘In a movie like this, with what’s going on if there isn’t some toll, it’s just irresponsible story telling.'”

It’s funny that Whedon knows his own persona, because several people did make comments to me prior to seeing “The Avengers” that were along the lines of, “Of course someone dies, it’s a Joss Whedon movie.” Even if Whedon isn’t to blame for the death of Phil Coulson (which I agree was definitely necessary to the movie), he at least gave it an appropriately affective Whedon emotional punch to the gut. Coulson’s final action! Those Captain America trading cards! Whedon might not have been the man to say Coulson had to go, but at least he sent him off in a fine style.

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