YEAH TV app brings movie streaming to Facebook


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If you like movies and you’re on Facebook, you may want to check out YEAH TV.

The new Facebook app is described as a “new way to watch movies.” So what does that mean? Well, it’s sort of like Netflix meets “Pop-Up Video,” except with a social networking spin. YEAH allows you to stream movies through the app uninterrupted, but also features interesting facts about the film and interviews with various cast and crew members. In terms of the Facebook component, you can take quizzes, cast votes and be involved in ranking the movies in other ways.

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YEAH is 50 Facebook credits (or $5) per month, and allows unlimited access to the app. It’s set to launch on May 2 with movie options including “Reservoir Dogs,” “Superman: The Movie,” “Natural Born Killers” and “The Crow.” “The Exorcist” and “Starship Troopers” will launch the following week.

If you’re intrigued by the app, you can give it a trial run on Facebook right now. “Halloween” is streaming for free, so you can get a sense of how YEAH works. We played around with it a little bit today, and were actually surprised by a lot of the facts that popped up while we were watching. I personally didn’t know that Michael Myers is listed in the movie’s script only as “The Shape.”

In addition to the John Carpenter interview included during “Halloween,” YEAH has also landed interviews with Ivan Reitman, Richard Donner, Michael Madsen and Juliette Lewis that help illuminate the viewing experience. These interviews will be available in full on the app, though the only two that will be up at launch will be the ones with Carpenter and Madsen.

What do you think of this new way of experiencing movies? Will you give the trial run a chance with “Halloween”? Tell us in the comments section below or on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters II

Hopebusters, Too

Ghostbusters II Predicted the World Will End on Valentine’s Day 2016

Catch Ghostbusters II this month on IFC. Provided the world doesn't end, of course.

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Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures

Far be it from us to contradict Mr. Bill Murray, but a prediction made in a scene from one of his films is about to be put to the test. If you remember Ghostbusters II, then you know that at the beginning of the film, retired ‘buster Peter Venkman is the host of a chat show called World of the Psychic. According to a guest on the show, the world will end on February 14th, 2016 — this Valentine’s Day.

Now, before you start looting, keep in mind the source of this information is a tad unreliable. Elaine (played by Sid and Nancy star Chloe Webb) sits with Venkman and relates how she received this intel from an alien who may or may not have disguised a UFO to look like a Holiday Inn in Paramus. Let’s just hope she misheard, otherwise there will be some awkward date nights this year.

Check out the grim prognostication in the clip below. Hopefully the world will still be here when Ghostbusters II airs Monday, Feb. 15th and throughout the month on IFC.

The John Carpenter 8-bit tribute album is pitch perfect


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If there’s one thing that pretty general knowledge , it’s that the staff of the IFC FIX are pretty big fans of John Carpenter. Known for writing and directing some of the defining sci-fi and horror films of the 70’s and 80’s, Carpenter’s resourceful approach to making his movies included working with minimalist lighting, unique mixtures of low-tech camera work and composing his own soundtracks on his collection of synthesizers. It’s from that innovation that the inspiration came for the awesome new tribute album from the artists at Pterodactyl Squad.

I first found out about the Pterodactyl Squad netlabel when they released their 8-bit tribute to Weezer a couple of years ago, a chip-tune collection that made me wish that the band had their own videogame along the lines of “Journey Escape.” The John Carpenter tribute album, titled “It’s All In The Reflexes” (a quote from Kurt Russell’s Jack Burton in “Big Trouble In Little China”), does an incredible job of channeling Carpenter’s lo-fi genius, EvilWezil’s cover of the theme from “Escape from New York” being a personal favorite. Having an album cover featuring Michael Meyers, Snake Plissken and Lo Pan chilling out with classic NES consoles pretty much seals the deal. Maybe now someone can finally go back and fix the score for the Atari 2600 “Halloween” game.

You can download the entire album for free, along with lots of other great music at their website now. In our opinion, it’s a-number one!

What’s your favorite John Carpenter movie? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Malcolm McDowell would love to play Loomis again in new “Halloween” remake

Malcolm McDowell in "Halloween"

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Bloody Disgusting reported this week that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes has acquired the rights to the “Halloween” and is looking to produce a new sequel, or reboot, or remake of some kind in the near future. The property, previously held by the Weinstein Company, has already been remade once before by director Rob Zombie and starred Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Sam Loomis in a casting choice that was almost too perfect. IFC recently spoke with the acting legend to discuss his latest film “Suing the Devil,” and he was kind enough to chat a little about his role in the “Halloween” franchise.

“Well, it would depend on a lot of things,” McDowell said when asked if he’d like to reprise the role of Loomis in the new remake, “but listen, I’m a professional actor. Come with an offer.”

Good news for horror fans is that McDowell does, in fact, love playing the character.

“I love that character,” the actor said. “I love him. He’s such a buffoon, in a way. He’s a glorious character. I love Loomis. I enjoyed [the “Halloween” films] very much and I love Rob Zombie. He’s a great guy. I had such fun working with him. He’s a very talented guy and a very talented director.”

While it’s unlikely that we’ll see Zombie behind the lens for another “Halloween” film, it would certainly be great to have McDowell back in the role it seems he was born to play.

Look for the Platinum Dunes version of “Halloween” to make the news rounds as more information is released over the next few months.

You can see Malcolm McDowell playing Satan in “Suing the Devil” On Demand and Digital Download now.

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