Watch: Maps & Atlases perform “Winter”


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When it comes to experimental indie folk math rock, Maps & Atlases have the market cornered. The Chicago-based band pairs their gentle folksiness with enough jagged-edged guitar licks, deft instrumentation and power pop beats to keep everyone interested. The music that Dave Davison, Shiraz Dada (bass), Chris Hainey (drums), and Erin Elders (guitar) play ranges from wistful and lonesome to downright danceable with a little bit of everything in between. When we invited them to play a set for us at this year’s SXSW, we weren’t sure which sound we would be hearing from the Barsuk recording artists. Luckily when it’s Maps & Atlases playing, whether up-tempo or lighters-in-the-air slow, whatever their sound, you know it’s going to be good and they did not disappoint.

Watch Maps & Atlases play their song “Winter” live at the IFC Crossroads House at SXSW 2012:

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Face Melting Cameos

The 10 Most Metal Pop Culture Cameos

Glenn Danzig drops by Portlandia tonight at 10P on IFC.

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Glenn Danzig rocks harder than granite. In his 60 years, he’s mastered punk with The Misfits, slayed metal with the eponymous Danzig, and generally melted faces with the force of his voice. And thanks to Fred and Carrie, he’s now stopping by tonight’s brand new Portlandia so we can finally get to see what “Evil Elvis” is like when he hits the beach. To celebrate his appearance, we put together our favorite metal moments from pop culture, from the sublime to the absurd.

10. Cannibal Corpse meets Ace Ventura

Back in the ’90s,  Cannibal Corpse was just a small time band from Upstate New York, plying their death metal wares wherever they could find a crowd, when a call from Jim Carry transformed their lives. Turns out the actor was a fan, and wanted them for a cameo in his new movie, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The band had a European tour coming up, and were wary of being made fun of, so they turned it down. Thankfully, the rubber-faced In Living Color vet wouldn’t take no for an answer, proving that you don’t need to have a lot of fans, just the right ones.

9. AC/DC in Private Parts

Howard Stern’s autobiographical film, based on his book of the same name, followed his rise in the world of radio and pop culture. For a man surrounded by naked ladies and adoring fans, it’s hard to track the exact moment he made it. But rocking out with AC/DC in the middle of Central Park, as throngs of fans clamor to get a piece of you, seems like it comes pretty close. You can actually see Stern go from hit host to radio god in this clip, as “You Shook Me All Night Long” blasts in the background.

8. Judas Priest meets The Simpsons

When you want to blast a bunch of peace-loving hippies out on their asses, you’re going to need some death metal. At least, that’s what the folks at The Simpsons thought when they set up this cameo from the metal gods. Unfortunately, thanks to a hearty online backlash, the writers of the classic series were soon informed that Judas Priest, while many things, are not in fact “death metal.” This led to the most Simpson-esque apology ever. Rock on, Bartman. Rock on.

7. Anthrax on Married…With Children

What do you get when Married…with Children spoofs My Dinner With Andre, substituting the erudite playwrights for a band so metal they piss rust? Well, for starters, a lot of headbanging, property destruction and blown eardrums. And much like everything else in life, Al seems to have missed the fun.

6. Motorhead rocks out on The Young Ones

The Young Ones didn’t just premiere on BBC2 in 1982 — it kicked the doors down to a new way of doing comedy. A full-on assault on the staid state of sitcoms, the show brought a punk rock vibe to the tired format, and in the process helped jumpstart a comedy revolution. For instance, where an old sitcom would just cut from one scene to the next, The Young Ones choose to have Lemmy and his crew deliver a raw version of “Ace of Spades.” The general attitude seemed to be, you don’t like this? Well, then F— you!

5. Red and Kitty Meet Kiss on That ’70s Show

Carsey-Werner Productions

Carsey-Werner Productions

Long before they were banished to playing arena football games, Kiss was the hottest ticket in rock. The gang from That ’70s Show got to live out every ’70s teen’s dream when they were set loose backstage at a Kiss concert, taking full advantage of groupies, ganja and hard rock.

4. Ronnie James Dio in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (NSFW, people!)

What does a young boy do when he was born to rock, and the world won’t let him? What tight compadre does he pray to for guidance and some sweet licks? If you’re a young Jables, half of “the world’s most awesome band,” you bow your head to Ronnie James Dio, aka the guy who freaking taught the world how to do the “Metal Horns.” Never before has a rock god been so literal than in this clip that turns it up to eleven.

3. Ozzy Osbourne in Trick or Treat

It’s hard to tell if Ozzy was trying his hardest here, or just didn’t give a flying f–k. What is clear is that, either way, it doesn’t really matter. Ozzy’s approach to acting seems to lean more heavily on Jack Daniels than sense memory, and yet seeing the slurry English rocker play a sex-obsessed televangelist is so ridiculous, he gets a free pass. Taking part in the cult horror Trick or Treat, Ozzy proves that he makes things better just by showing up. Because that’s exactly what he did here. Showed up. And it rocks.

2. Glenn Danzig on Portlandia

Danzig seems to be coming out of a self imposed exile these days. He just signed with a record company, and his appearance on Portlandia is reminding everyone how kick ass he truly is. Who else but “The Other Man in Black” could help Portland’s resident goths figure out what to wear to the beach? Carrie Brownstein called Danzig “amazing,” and he called Fred “a genius,” so this was a rare love fest for the progenitor of horror punk.

1. Alice Cooper in Wayne’s World

It’s surprising, sure, but for a scene that contains no music whatsoever, it’s probably the most famous metal moment in the history of film. When Alice Cooper informed Wayne and Garth that Milwaukee is actually pronounced “Milly-way-kay” back in 1992, he created one of the most famous scenes in comedy history. What’s more metal than that? Much like Wayne and Garth, we truly are not worthy.

Exclusive: Death Cab for Cutie & The Magik*Magik Orchestra Tour Trailer #3


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Step into Ben Gibbard’s shoes for a frame or two as our peek behind the curtain of the Death Cab for Cutie & The Magik*Magik Orchestra tour continues. Last week we saw the two bands in harmonious synchronicity together, and got a taste of that opera house potency. Here we get to glimpse backstage, the green rooms, and the candid moments before the magik happens.

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Watch for more clips, by director by Justin Mitchell, as the tour rolls on including rehearsals, brief interviews and performances in the days to come.

Tour dates:

4/24 – Buffalo, NY @ Kleinhans Music Hall ^ – SOLD OUT
4/25 – Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre ^
4/27 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre * – SOLD OUT
4/28 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre * – SOLD OUT
4/29 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre * – SOLD OUT
4/30 – North Bethesda, MD @ Strathmore * – SOLD OUT
5/1 – Knoxville, TN @ Tennessee Theatre *
5/3 – Dallas, TX @ McFarlin Memorial Auditorium *
5/4 – Austin, TX @ ACL Live at the Moody Theater * – SOLD OUT
5/6 – Mesa, AZ @ Mesa Arts Center – Ikeda Theater *
5/7 – Los Angeles, CA @ Walt Disney Concert Hall * – SOLD OUT
5/8 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater * – SOLD OUT
5/9 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater * – SOLD OUT
5/10 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater *
5/11 – Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall *
5/13 – Seattle, WA @ The Paramount Theatre *

^with Low
*with Youth Lagoon

Exclusive premiere: Alcoholic Faith Mission “Ask Me This”


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The Danish six-piece, Alcoholic Faith Mission, have gained a reputation for releasing visually interesting videos — such as last year’s award winning “Legacy,” featuring a girl and her dead pet mouse. The decidedly more somber, “Ask Me This,” isn’t as preoccupied with death as it is with the memories of life that we hide away.

“The song evoked such great longing, such sadness, it doesn’t sound like a young love song it’s eternal, a love that continues long after the person is gone,” director Guy Manly said. “The idea for ‘Ask Me This’ came from the iconic images of the WWII generation returning from overseas, young, full of life, confident, and in love. In today’s world I think the elderly are neglected and hidden, our idea of beauty is to be young, our idea of quality is to be new.”

Old grainy film plays throughout the video as both background and foreground, sometimes imposed over the old woman we see going about her day, making tea, applying lipstick, nodding off. Eventually we see the source of these images, an old projector lights up, casting these scenes from her youth on the wall as she closes the door on a room full of the relics of her past.

“I think there is something to be learned from experience, hardship, and wisdom,” Manly added. ”’Ask Me This’ is a homage to the life that was and that too few ask about.”

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