Exclusive premiere: Horse Feathers “Where I’ll Be”


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Portland’s Horse Feathers played this lonesome ditty for us at SXSW, as a duet. Here director Brian Danielson takes the jangle and swell of “Where I’ll Be” and conjures the trains, quiet spaces and vast plains that the song invokes.

“Based partly on the Album cover itself, old silent projection films and the region of the Pacific Northwest,” Danielson told us. “I focused on the concept of distance between places, and the idea of space or time as a barrier, both physically and emotionally. Like the song, I wanted to create visuals that played more like phrases of a poem.”

And like a good poem, both grandiose and intimate, these darkly animated landscapes, though vast, serve to draw you in to something much more private.


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Warm Bodies

Bloody Valentines

10 Romantic Horror Movies for Valentine’s Day  

Catch My Bloody Valentine this Valentine's Day Sunday at 8P on IFC.

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Photo Credit: Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection

Watching hapless victims running for their lives might not sound romantic, but a scary movie is perfect for a cozy night on the couch with someone special. (Unless you’re a character in a horror movie, as any romantic moment eventually turns into murderous mayhem.) Before you catch My Bloody Valentine this Valentine’s Day on IFC, check out some horror movies that will both warm your heart and chill your bones.

1. Let The Right One In


A surprisingly touching tale of a bullied child and his vampire crush, the acclaimed 2008 Swedish horror film perfectly captures the feelings of being in the throes of naive first live. Pair it with the solid 2010 American remake, and be sure to have some tissues on hand to go with the blood red wine and dark chocolates.

2. Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 take on Bram Stoker’s classic tale upped the lavish romanticism with an ageless, yet alluring, Dracula driven by a centuries spanning love. For better or worse, we wouldn’t have Twilight without this sumptuous gothic romance.

3. The Fly

The Fly

One of the greatest body horror movies of all time centers on the most doomed relationship you’ve ever seen. If you find Jeff Goldblum as attractive as Geena Davis does, well, we advise you to make the most of it early on before Cronenberg’s masterpiece mutilates him.

4. Bride of Chucky


Why can’t movie monsters find love? Because it’s literally horrifying. Luckily that’s the point in Bride of Chucky, where the murderous puppet finds a soulmate who shares his penchant for sharp objects. A high point in the series that spoofed its own silliness while still scaring the hell out of us.

5. Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein

Of course, there wouldn’t be a Bride of Chucky without the original movie monster romance. James Whale’s horror classic both introduced a new level of pathos to the Frankenstein story and gave us a lady monster for the ages.

6. Hellraiser


Lemarchand’s box first broke the barriers between life and death as part of a (deeply unromantic) love story. An unfaithful wife seduces and murders men to resurrect her dead lover, and when her daughter finds out things get gorily complicated.

7. A Chinese Ghost Story


A night in a haunted temple has a man falling in love with a beautiful ghost in this horror comedy from director Ching Siu-tung. Oh, and he has to save her spirit from an evil tree demon. We haven’t mentioned the swordsman or the gymnastic martial arts yet, but you’ll definitely enjoy them too.

8. Candyman


The creepy Candyman is looking for love, which is a hard sell when you’ve got a hook for a hand and are usually covered in bees. Oh, and you’re a revenge-fuelled murderous specter. Helen Lyle must deal with his romantic intentions as well as an unfaithful boyfriend, and it really doesn’t go well for anyone. You’d think it’d be nice to have someone who always comes when you call…

9. Warm Bodies


An unlikely love story between the living and the dead, Warm Bodies follows “R” as he grunts and groans his affection for the chief zombie-hunter’s daughter. No other story has ever so completely shown the healing power of love.

10. My Bloody Valentine


My Bloody Valentine stars the Grinch of the holiday, the murderous miner who has sworn that a small town should never again host a dance on that day. Of course a gang of sexy teens decide to ignore him. And of course he comes back, with wonderfully horrific results.

Exclusive premiere: The Black Angels “Entrance Song” [NSFW]


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A clean edit of The Black Angels’ I-35 road jam “Entrance Song,” showed up on Vevo just over a month ago, but we have the real deal here, complete with a wandering, naked, dream girl. It’s not that she’s just not naked in the previously released family-approved version, she’s nowhere to be found in it at all.

This isn’t the first time the band took videos from from their acclaimed, “Phosphene Dream,” and fancied releasing different cuts of them, or placed coded messages in them for that matter.

In “Entrance Song,” a man rides off down what is presumably Interstate 35 somewhere in Texas, and appears to be harassed by a mysterious glittery figure who conjures other riders to taunt him, seemingly at will. In the edit, our hero is driven into the sea (after losing his motorcycle?), where the last thing we see is a shark. But in this infinitely better NSFW cut, he gets the girl.


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The Black Angels perform at Coachella this month and at Metallica’s Orion Music + More festival this June. Their new 7″ “Watch Out Boy”/”I’d Rather Be Lonely” will be out this month on Record Store Day (April 21st). You can check out the b-side here.

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Exclusive premiere: “Grace On A Hill Pt. 4 – Malibu Rum”


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One dark and stormy night, The Wooden Sky took refuge in a church in their hometown of Toronto and filmed a series of episodic performances as the rain came down and the lights began to go out. At least, that’s how the quietly spooky narrative plays out that links these performances together, directed by the talented Scott Cudmore (who has a penchant for stormy weather).

In part one of “Grace On A Hill,” premiered by Interview Magazine, a French woman is having trouble with her phone signal while trying to explain to an unseen antagonist what she’s doing in the church. Then the sound of the rain gives way to the band at the altar as she walks down the aisle.

Cudmore wanted to give a narrative context to the songs, that would progress throughout the night — “like in a movie where the drama gives a different context to the song used on the soundtrack,” Cudmore told Interview. “Only in this project the songs are the centerpiece and are performed live while the narrative is the backdrop instead of the other way around.”

By the time we get to part four, it’s 2:20am and news of the outside world is grim — we know from a previous episode that there’s strange weather in France too and now the roads are closed in Toronto. Static radio transmissions garble in the background as a woman ascends a stairwell up into the church. As she approaches the band, an air raid siren sounds. And in the most genius kind of audio craftsmanship, the band’s voices brilliantly pour over the siren until each is lost in the other in an unexpected harmony.

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The Wooden Sky’s transcendent album, “Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun,” is out now on Black Box Recordings and you can find it here.

Tour dates:

4/12 – Vancouver, BC @ The Biltmore
4/13 – Nelson, BC @ The Royal
4/14 – Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop
4/16 – Regina, SK @ The Exchange
4/18 – Sault Ste Marie, ON @ Lop Lop Gallery
4/19 – Sudbury, ON @ The Townehouse
4/20 – Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
4/21 – Peterborough, ON @ Red Dog Tavern
4/27 – St. John’s, NL @ The Ship
4/28 – St. John’s, NL @ The Ship
5/08 – Boston, MA @ Radio
5/09 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Pool
5/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
5/11 – New York, NY @ Pianos

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