Hailee Steinfeld in talks to join “Ender’s Game” as female lead

Hailee Steinfeld in talks to join “Ender’s Game” as female lead (photo)

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Now that Asa Butterfield is locked in to play Ender Wiggins in the upcoming Gavin Hood “Ender’s Game” adaptation, the rest of the casting process is quickly falling into place. A new report says that “True Grit” starlet Hailee Steinfeld is in negotiations to play Petra Arkanian, the most important female character in the movie.

The news comes from Variety, who describe Petra as “the only girl in Salamander Army who quickly becomes Ender’s ally and trusted right hand.” If her role in the novel is anything to go by, this would be a pretty meaty part for Steinfeld. It also would be her first chance to dabble in an action film after she missed out on getting the lead role for “The Hunger Games.”

Also still in talks for the flick is Harrison Ford. He is one of several adult actors Hood is looking at to play Colonel Hyrum Graff. Ford would obviously be our favorite choice, but there’s no guarantee that he will come on board the project as the army recruiter and surrogate father of the children in the Battle School.

There are still several major roles to cast before the main casting process is completed. Bean is probably the biggest character left who needs an actor attached to him, but there are also Ender’s siblings Peter and Valentine, and other Battle School recruits including Dink, Bonzo, Rose the Nose, Alai and Mick. It will be interesting to see if Summit and Hood continue to go for relatively well-known actors, or if they start casting unknowns. Only time will tell.

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Jackie That 70s Show

Jackie Oh!

15 That ’70s Show Quotes to Help You Unleash Your Inner Jackie

Catch That '70s Show Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-10P on IFC.

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When life gets you down, just ask yourself: what would Jackie do? (But don’t ask her, because she doesn’t care about your stupid problems.) Before you catch That ’70s Show on IFC, take a look at some quotes that will help you be the best Jackie you can be.

15. She knows her strengths.

Carsey-Werner Productions

14. She doesn’t let a little thing like emotions get in the way.

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13. She’s her own best friend.

Jackie 3

12. She has big plans for her future.

Carsey-Werner Productions

11. She keeps her ego in check.

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10. She can really put things in perspective.

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9. She’s a lover…

Jackie 7

8. But she knows not to just throw her love around.

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7. She’s proud of her accomplishments.

Jackie 9

6. She knows her place in the world.

Carsey-Werner Productions

5. She asks herself the hard questions.

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4. She takes care of herself.

Carsey-Werner Productions

3. She’s deep.

Carsey-Werner Productions

2. She’s a problem solver.

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1. And she’s always modest.

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Harrison Ford eyed for “Ender’s Game,” “Hugo” star Asa Butterfield confirmed

Harrison Ford eyed for “Ender’s Game,” “Hugo” star Asa Butterfield confirmed (photo)

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Fans have been on the fence about the planned upcoming adaptation of “Ender’s Game,” but this new information might be able to convince them to get behind the project. Only a couple of weeks after “Hugo” star Asa Butterfield was offered the title role of Ender Wiggins, a new report has come out to say the filmmakers are eying Harrison Ford to play his mentor, Colonel Hyrum Graff.

Collider learned that Ford is the main actor producers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Gigi Pritzker and Linda McDonough are looking at for Graff, but there are several other veteran choices as well. Viggo Mortensen was originally in talks for the role, but talks eventually broke down. Based on Butterfield’s stellar performance in “Hugo,” it could be really exciting to see him face off against Graff on the big screen.

Graff acts as a surrogate father to the children at the Battle School in “Ender’s Game,” but he takes a special interest in Ender. This ends up being more of a curse than a blessing for the young soldier, as he gets targeted for being Graff’s favorite. Though the focus of “Ender’s Game” is definitely on Ender and the rest of the children in the Battle School, Graff is the most significant of the adult characters in the story.

In addition to Ford being eyed for the film, Collider also received confirmation that Butterfield as accepted the role of Ender and will lead the film. That will surely jumpstart the rest of the movie’s casting process. The film is being directed by “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” helmer Gavin Hood, and will likely start shooting in the next year.

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“Hugo” star Asa Butterfield offered lead in “Ender’s Game”

“Hugo” star Asa Butterfield offered lead in “Ender’s Game” (photo)

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Before his forays in to the world of comic books and his outspoken social activism, Orson Scott Card was primarily recognized as a science fiction writer. His best-known work was “Ender’s Game,” and that book’s upcoming film adaptation may have found its star in Asa Butterfield.

The story was an exclusive from Deadline, who first announced the new gig for the star of “Hugo.” Like “Ender’s Game,” “Hugo” was also based on a novel, and will be director Martin Scorsese’s first foray into 3D filmmaking. Butterfield has also appeared in “Nanny McPhee Returns” and also briefly appeared in “The Wolfman.”

In he accepts the offer for “Ender’s Game,” Butterfield would portray Ender Wiggin, one of a group of children recruited for training in specialized zero-gravity battle techniques, in the wake of a series of wars with a powerful alien species known as Formics. Released in 1985 and based on a short story first published by Card in 1977, “Ender’s Game” has since become a modern science fiction classic, beloved by children and adults alike, and even listed as suggested reading for the United States Marine Corps. Gavin Hood, who previously directed “Wolverine,” is currently attached to direct the new adaptation.

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