Samuel L. Jackson named the highest-grossing actor of all time

Samuel L. Jackson named the highest-grossing actor of all time (photo)

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If you’re anything like us, you would have expected the highest-grossing actor of all time to be a stereotypical Hollywood guy like Tom Cruise, or even an international action star like Arnold Schwarzenegger. But that expectation would have left you sadly mistaken, as according to the Guinness Book of World Records, movies with Samuel L. Jackson have made more than anybody else ever.

The Hollywood Reporter brought our attention to the matter, revealing that Jackson’s movies have made more than $7.4 billion. They went on to astutely point out that since his 1991 debut in “Jungle Fever,” the actor has averaged a stunning four films a year.

While it’s tempting to declare this a matter of quantity beating out quality (we’re looking at you “Deep Blue Sea”), that’s not really a fair assessment. While Jackson has appeared in his fair share of stinkers and bombs, he’s also been involved with a number of films that not only made a veritable ballsload of money, but were also indisputably awesome, including “Jurassic Park,” “Pulp Fiction” and others. And while the “Star Wars” prequels aren’t exactly beloved, combined they made a cool $2.4 billion, which certainly helps boost the Jackson bottom-line.

Even at 63 years of age, it’s looking unlikely that Jackson will have any serious competition for this most recent honor, given his recurring role as Nick Fury in the Marvel movies, including next year’s all-but-guaranteed colossal success, “The Avengers.”

Are you shocked to find out that Samuel L. Jackson is the highest-grossing actor of all time? What’s your favorite Jackson movie? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook and Twitter.

Jackie That 70s Show

Jackie Oh!

15 That ’70s Show Quotes to Help You Unleash Your Inner Jackie

Catch That '70s Show Mondays and Tuesdays from 6-10P on IFC.

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When life gets you down, just ask yourself: what would Jackie do? (But don’t ask her, because she doesn’t care about your stupid problems.) Before you catch That ’70s Show on IFC, take a look at some quotes that will help you be the best Jackie you can be.

15. She knows her strengths.

Carsey-Werner Productions

14. She doesn’t let a little thing like emotions get in the way.

Carsey-Werner Productions

13. She’s her own best friend.

Jackie 3

12. She has big plans for her future.

Carsey-Werner Productions

11. She keeps her ego in check.

Carsey-Werner Productions

10. She can really put things in perspective.

Carsey-Werner Productions

9. She’s a lover…

Jackie 7

8. But she knows not to just throw her love around.

Carsey-Werner Productions

7. She’s proud of her accomplishments.

Jackie 9

6. She knows her place in the world.

Carsey-Werner Productions

5. She asks herself the hard questions.

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4. She takes care of herself.

Carsey-Werner Productions

3. She’s deep.

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2. She’s a problem solver.

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1. And she’s always modest.

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“The Avengers” trailer: from Bruce Banner to the Skrulls, here are five questions it leaves us asking

“The Avengers” trailer: from Bruce Banner to the Skrulls, here are five questions it leaves us asking (photo)

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Just in time for New York Comic Con, the first trailer for “The Avengers” has finally arrived online, offering audiences their first look at Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and the rest of Marvel’s cinematic superheroes sharing the same screen.

And while the new trailer gave us lots of explosions, some snappy dialogue, and a good look at the film’s villain, Loki, there were a number of lingering questions it didn’t answer. Back in August, I suggested 10 questions that we’d like to see answered in “The Avengers.” With that in mind, here are five things we’re still wondering after watching “The Avengers” trailer.

101111_avengers1.jpgWherefore art thou, Skrulls?

Rumors about the shape-shifting alien Skrulls appearing in “The Avengers” have been circulating for more than a year now, and they gained considerable support when those leaked photos of Captain America and Thor fighting actors in motion-capture suits appeared online. While the new trailer does show soldiers and police firing into the air at an unknown threat, there’s no sign of aliens (other than Thor and Loki, that is) anywhere to be found in the new footage. In fact, the scenes of urban carnage that had many people thinking the Skrulls would lay siege to New York City appear to have been caused by Loki — or maybe that’s what the trickster god and the studio wants us to think.

101111_avengers3.jpgWho’s leading who?

One of the most entertaining parts of the new trailer is a brief scene featuring Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) trying to insult Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). His attempt at shaming the man in the Iron Man armor falls short (fyi: never get into a battle of wits with Tony Stark), leaving us asking the same questions about who’s the real captain of the Avengers team. Will Captain America follow suit with his comics counterpart and lead the team, or will Iron Man’s box-office pull mean that Tony Stark will be the one to assemble the Avengers?

101111_avengers4.jpgIs Bruce Banner in control?

We get a few glimpses of Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in the new trailer, including an early shot of him trying to get a grip on his rage, and a later scene in which Tony Stark makes fun of his tendency to Hulk-out when the mood’s right (also not the greatest idea). We also get an ever-so-brief look at the green goliath himself, though the context of his roaring appearance isn’t explained. So, given Tony’s playful attitude toward Bruce, does the doctor have his inner demon under control? If so, that’s a pretty powerful weapon to have on the side of The Avengers.

101111_avengers5.jpgWhy does everyone hate Cap?

The antagonistic relationship between Captain America and Iron Man was a given, but the trailer also reveals a bit of brawling between Cap and Thor, too. So what did the star-spangled Avenger do to get on everyone’s bad side this time? Comic books are famous for having superheroes, meet, brawl, and then realize that they’re on the same side, so will “The Avengers” follow suit?

101111_avengers.jpgWill Clint Barton get snubbed?

Of all the characters to appear in the trailer, expert marksman Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), received the least amount of screen time. Given how much we saw of Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), should Hawkeye fans be worried about their favorite archer getting short-shrifted in the film? Hawkeye was a late addition to the “Thor” movie, and only appeared in a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo, but many attributed that to the timing of Renner joining the Marvel movie-verse family. While the sight of Hawkeye snapping his bow into place and pulling a few nifty moves in a street battle should have his fans cheering, I can’t help wondering if the time we see him in the trailer is in proportion to his role in the film. Here’s hoping that’s not the case, as Marvel’s world could use as much of the Avengers’ archer as possible.

What questions do you still have about “The Avengers” after seeing the trailer? Chime in below or on Facebook or Twitter.

“The Avengers” trailer is online now

“The Avengers” trailer is online now (photo)

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The much-anticipated first trailer for “The Avengers” has finally arrived online, offering the first glimpse at Marvel’s upcoming team-up film featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and the rest of their cinematic superheroes (and villains).

It should probably come as no surprise that Robert Downey Jr. effectively steals the show as Tony Stark, the playboy genius who dons the Iron Man armor. However, the trailer also offers a nice look at the film’s prime villain, Loki, with Tom Hiddleston reprising his “Thor” role as the god of mischief.

Hulk fans also get another peek at Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner, as well as the first footage of his character’s green-skinned alter ego.

The new trailer also features a few recurring themes, as we see Captain America (Chris Evans) squaring off against Tony Stark and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) at different points. There’s also a brief scene of Loki tossing Tony Stark through a window, which could be trouble for the armored Avenger.

Finally, two members of the Avengers team who didn’t get their own solo movies also appear in the trailer, with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) receiving the bulk of the attention, and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) also appearing in a few key scenes.

“The Avengers” hits theaters May 4, 2012.

You can check out the trailer below:

Does the new trailer for “The Avengers” have you ready to assemble to get your tickets now? Tell us in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

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