‘Portlandia': What’s That Song?

‘Portlandia': What’s That Song?  (photo)

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We get asked a lot of questions via Twitter (follow us now @IFCtv) but one that keeps popping up over and over is in regards to the opening theme music to Portlandia. Everyday our feed is full of eager fans asking, “What’s that song? I’m in love, with that song.” Yes, that a Replacements reference, even though they are not the artists behind the song. So who did craft the catchy number? Washed Out a.k.a. Ernest Greene. The song is “Feel It All Around” off of his 2009 EP “Life of Leisure”. Yes, it is

It got remixed by IFC favorite Toro y Moi (we have a lot of favorites):

Portlandia airs tonight at 9:30 p.m. ET


Bourne to Run

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Bourne Movies

Catch The Bourne Ultimatum this month on IFC.

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Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

You know his name, as the Super Bowl teaser for the upcoming summer blockbuster Jason Bourne reminded us. In this era of franchise films, that seems to be more than enough to get another entry in the now 15-year-old series greenlit. And gosh darn it if we aren’t into it. Before you catch The Bourne Ultimatum on IFC, here are some surprising facts about the Bourne movies that you may not know. And unlike Jason Bourne, try not to forget them.

10. Matt Damon was a long shot to play Jason Bourne.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Coming off of Good Will Hunting and The Legend of Bagger Vance, early ’00s Matt Damon didn’t exactly scream “ripped killing machine.” In fact, Brad Pitt, Russell Crowe and even Sylvester Stallone were all offered the part before it fell into the hands of the Boston boy made good. It was his enthusiasm for director Doug Liman’s more frenetic vision that ultimately helped land him the part.

9. Love interest Marie was almost played by Sarah Polley.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Damon wasn’t the only casting surprise. Franka Potente, of Run Lola Run fame, wasn’t the filmmaker’s first choice for the role or Marie in The Bourne Identity. In fact, Liman wanted his Go star Sarah Polley for the part, but she turned it down in favor of making indie movies back in Canada. A quick rewrite changed the character from American Marie Purcell to European Marie Helena Kreutz, and the rest is movie history.

8. Director Doug Liman was obsessed with the Bourne books.

Universal Picutres

Universal Pictures

Liman had long been a fan of the Bourne book series. When Warner Bros.’ rights to the books lapsed in the late ’90s, Liman flew himself to author Robert Ludlum’s Montana home, mere days after earning his pilot’s license. The author was so impressed with his passion for the material, he sold the rights on the spot.

7. Liman’s father actually worked for the NSA.

Universal Picutres

Universal Pictures

Part of Liman’s fasciation with the Bourne series was that his own father played the same spy craft games portrayed in the books while working for the NSA. In fact, many of the Treadstone details were taken from his father’s own exploits, and Chris Cooper’s character, Alex Conklin, was based on Oliver Stone, whom Arthur Liman famously cross examined as chief counsel of the Iran-Contra hearings.

6. Tony Gilroy threw the novel’s story out while writing The Bourne Identity.

Universal Picutres

Universal Picutres

Despite being based on a hit book, screenwriter Tony Gilroy, coming off of The Devil’s Advocate, had no idea how to adapt it into a movie. He said the book was more concerned with people “running to airports” than character, and would need a complete rewrite. Director Doug Liman agreed, and Gilroy claims to have condensed the original novel into the first five minutes. Getting that out of the way, he then wrote his own story, based on a man who wakes up one day not remembering anything but how to kill.

5. Damon walked like a boxer to get into character.

Universal Picutres

Universal Picutres

Damon had never played a character like Bourne before, and was searching for a way to capture his physicality. Doug Liman told him to walk like a boxer to give Jason Bourne an edge. Damon took that to heart, training for six months in boxing, marital arts and firearms.

4. Damon broke an actor’s nose.

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

Damon’s training for the films is legendary, but mistakes still happen. While filming a scene for The Bourne Ultimatum, Damon hit actor Tim Griffin so hard, he shattered his nose. Apparently, the space the scene was filmed in was smaller than originally intended, throwing Damon off just enough to exert a real beat down.

3. James Bond visited The Bourne Legacy set.

Eon Productions

Eon Productions

Actor Daniel Craig stopped by the set of The Bourne Legacy to visit his wife, actress Rachel Weisz, who was starring in the movie. While having James Bond on a Bourne set must have been exciting, The Bourne Legacy was the only Bourne movie to not actually feature Jason Bourne, meaning our bets on who would kick whose ass would have to wait for another day.

2. The Bourne Identity was nearly a bomb (in the box office sense).

Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

As reshoots began to pile up, and an all-out war between the studio and director Doug Liman spilled into the press, expectations were that The Bourne Identity was going to flop. Matt Damon told GQ that, “the word on Bourne was that it was supposed to be a turkey…It’s very rare that a movie comes out a year late, has four rounds of reshoots, and it’s good.”

1. Matt Damon wasn’t the first actor to play Bourne.

Warner Brothers Television

Warner Brothers Television

Aired on ABC in 1988, the TV movie adaptation of The Bourne Identity, while not exactly critically acclaimed, was a more faithful version of Ludlum’s book. Richard Chamberlain, of The Thorn Birds fame, played a much less ass-kicking spy, while “Charlie’s Angel” Jaclyn Smith played love interest Marie. If you like your Bourne movies heavy with poorly lit ’80s melodrama, this might just be the adaptation for you. Otherwise, you should catch The Bourne Ultimatum when it airs this month on IFC.

What to Watch on IFC: February 21 – 27

What to Watch on IFC: February 21 – 27 (photo)

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While February is technically the shortest month of the year, sometimes it feels like it drags on and on forever. You’ve already survived December and January and are ready for Spring, but February has the unforgivable characteristic of dropping snow on you despite the fact that Punxsutawney Phil swore on his little rodent bible that there were only a few short weeks until springtime and daffodils. Well it’s the last week of this pesky month and IFC is here to help you wile away the hours until spring … or you give up and fly to Austin for SxSW.

Here’s what to watch this week on IFC:


Kurt Cobain would have turned 44 this week. In unrelated news, we’re showing Gus Van Sant’s Last Days at 3:45 p.m. ET. The movie features Michael Pitt as a drug-addled rock star on a path towards self-destruction.

Here’s Nirvana performing “The Man Who Sold The World”:


Acclaimed artist Julian Schnabel makes his directorial debut with a heartbreaking true tale of a young bon vivant struck by paralysis at the age of 43. “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”, which airs on IFC at 3:45 p.m. ET.


Help yourself over hump day with a triple scoop of comedy. Judd Apatow’s college daze comedy, Undeclared, kicks things off at 10 p.m. ET followed by The Ben Stiller Show (if you don’t know “Hairstyling with Bruce Springsteen” tune in tonight) and The Larry Sanders Show.


Prepare for the inevitable invasion of the walking dead by paying really close attention to “28 Days Later” when it airs at 12:15 p.m. ET. You’ll thank us later.

Tune in tonight for new episodes of Portlandia at 10:30 p.m. ET and The Onion News Network at 10 p.m. ET. You don’t want to miss a shocking expose like this one, do you?:


It’s the 2011 Independent Spirit Awards hosted by Joel McHale! They are airing exclusively on IFC at 10 p.m. ET. Tune in or else you will never know what James Franco wears to the party in Santa Monica:


Whether you missed an episode of Portlandia or simply want to relive your favorite moments over and over again, you’ll want to tune in to our all-day marathon of Portlandia. Watch now as we all wait for the second season.

Portlandia + James Mercer + Colin Meloy + Corin Tucker = Awesome

Portlandia + James Mercer + Colin Meloy + Corin Tucker = Awesome (photo)

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One of the many things we love about Portlandia is the brilliant use of unexpected cameos. (Aimee Mann as a housecleaner? Steve Buscemi in a feminist bookstore? Jason Sudeikis as a cult leader? Yes, please!) But on tonight’s episode “Portlandia” is upping the number of musical cameos to astronomical heights. Tune in tonight at 10 p.m. ET to see The Decemberists’ frontman Colin Meloy, The Shins/Broken Bells leader James Mercer, and Carrie Brownstein’s old Sleater-Kinney bandmate Corin Tucker show up as the fictional indie band Echo Echo trying to check into the impossibly hip Deuce Hotel:

Portlandia airs on IFC on Fridays at 10:30 p.m. ET

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