The Grid’s Bonus Round

The Grid’s Bonus Round (photo)

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Every Thursday night at 7:45 p.m. ET/PT, The Grid opens its doors and host Jesse Thorn welcomes viewers to a smorgasbord of cultural delights. Ranging from music to memes to movies to must have items, The Grid covers every possible topic people could be discussing around the water cooler, virtual or IRL.

However, in the long television tradition, we have to add: But wait, there’s more! While The Grid will leave you so stuffed with pop culture tidbits you will feel like Kate Moss at an all you can eat Chinese buffet, we couldn’t send you home without a doggie bag. So, if you’re feeling peckish an hour later, head on over to The Grid’s Bonus Round. It’s a veritable pu pu platter of the finest the internet has to offer. For example, a round up of the best in false humility: the Twitter-based Humble Brag meme. (Are you on Twitter? Stop by and say hi @ifcdotcom). Or see the adorable, educational, and delicious Pizza flags. Without The Bonus Round how would you know where to buy a Molecular Gastronomy Starter Kit?

And, of course, The Grid’s Bonus Round is covering The Angry Birds Peace Summit. That’s right the pigs and birds are talking:

The Grid airs tonight at 7:45 p.m. ET


Road Trip

Scott Aukerman Is Hitting the Road for a Comedy Bang! Bang! Live Tour

Scott and Comedy Bang! Bang! are coming to a town near you.

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Comprised of countless characters, hilarious guests, and running gags, Comedy Bang! Bang! simply can’t be contained in just its podcast and TV forms. As such, host Scott Aukerman is taking the show and its oddball cavalcade on the road in a brand new live tour. Fan favorites Lauren Lapkus, Paul F. Tompkins, and Neil Campbell will be along for the ride (either as themselves, as their show personas, or both — we’re not at liberty to say!), and there will surely be a few surprise drop-ins as well. And maybe…a little magic?

Scott Magic

Check out the tour dates below and catch the Comedy Bang! Bang! live tour when it swings nearby. And be sure to check back for updates on Comedy Bang! Bang!‘s new season, debuting this spring on IFC with new bandleader and cohost “Weird Al” Yankovic.

April 30 – Theater at the Ace—Los Angeles, CA
May 6 – Convocation Hall—Toronto, ON
May 7 – Wilbur Theatre—Boston, MA
May 8 – Keswick Theatre—Philadelphia, PA
May 9 – The Lincoln Theatre—Washington, DC
May 10 – The Carolina Theatre of Durham—Durham, NC
May 11 – The Tabernacle—Atlanta, GA
May 13 – Gramercy Theatre—New York, NY
May 17 – Texas Theatre—Dallas, TX
May 18 – Paramount Theatre—Austin, TX
May 19 – Pantages Theatre—Minneapolis, MN
May 20 – Athenaeum Theatre—Chicago, IL
May 21 – Royal Oak Music Theatre—Detroit, MI
May 22 – Paramount Theatre—Denver, CO
May 23 – Fox Theater—Oakland, CA
May 24 – Revolution Hall—Portland, OR
May 25 – The Moore Theatre—Seattle, WA
May 26 –Vogue Theatre—Vancouver, BC

The Five Best Christmas Movies According To Our Twitter Followers

The Five Best Christmas Movies According To Our Twitter Followers (photo)

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Yesterday we listed some of the worst Christmas movies ever, you know, the ones we won’t be showing you on Christmas day, so we can bring you an all day Freaks and Geeks marathon? As a companion piece, today we are looking at some of the best Christmas movies ever. Not that we will be showing them, because, hello: A Freaks and Geeks marathon trumps all.

For a category that is by definition family friendly and generally saccharine sweet, there were a lot of rock-solid contenders for our top five. For example, “Gremlins” is a Christmas movie. As are “Die Hard”, “Scrooged”, “Elf”, “Miracle on 34th St”, and “Home Alone”, which is arguably one of the best slapstick movies made in the modern age. We didn’t add Elia Kazan’s classic “It’s A Wonderful Life”, mostly because we didn’t want candy canes chucked at our heads, but as a Christmas movie that starts with a dude about to kill himself and ends with the moral that your greatest gift to the world is just showing up and trying, it is definitely Miss Congeniality in this contest. Second runner up? “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

The five best movies are:

5. While some may consider “Santa Claus Conquers The Martians” one of the worst films ever made, if one thinks of it as more Ed Wood and less, say, Ingmar Bergman, it’s quite briliant. Besides, it’s the best movie ever for playing Mystery Science Theater 3000 at home. And what brings a family together more than that?

4. Speaking of Ingmar Bergman, his classic “Fanny and Alexander” is a Christmas tradition. The Yuletide festivities look good enough to brave a Swedish winter, even with the “magical way” they put out candles.

3. How can we explain our enduring adoration of “Bad Santa”? Three words: Billy Bob Thornton. This is undoubtedly the role he was born to play. He owns Santa.

2. How is that no matter how many times you see it, you never quite get tired of watching “A Christmas Story”? There is just something timelessly captivating about watching young Ralphie beat the crap out of the bully, the pink bunny costume, the leg lamp, Santa’s elf kicking Ralphie down the slide as Santa laughs “You’ll shoot your eye out!”, and Schwartz freezing his tongue to the metal pole. Besides, the other movie Bob Clark made was “Porky’s”, which means that Bob Clark knows what’s up when it comes to being young. Also, this gangster mix (NSFW language wise):

1. In “The Thin Man”, Nick and Nora Charles show us mere mortals how to do Christmas right with many drinks, a couple of aspirin, lots of wit, and just the right dash of humor. Also, nice Christmas presents help:

The Top Five Best Movies Of The Year According To Twitter

The Top Five Best Movies Of The Year According To Twitter (photo)

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Tis the season for end-of-year lists. While we love coming up with our own and reading other critics best ofs and top choices, we were curious about what movies our own devoted fans were most fond of this year. So we posed the question to our frequently vocal Twitter followers (@IFCdotcom) and took a poll. Once we chucked out the votes for “Wall Street 2″ and cry-laughed that no one thought “Burlesque” was worthy of even their pithy pity vote, we tallied the results.

Here are the Top Five Best Movies According to Our Twitter Followers. Disagree? Tell us in the comments:

5. A comic-based movie with a killer soundtrack and a gaming component ensured Scott Pilgrim vs. The World a place on the Top Five of 2010:

4. The appearance of I Am Love in the Top Five was a pleasant surprise. Want to see the film? It’s already streaming on Netflix.

3. Film critics from coast to coast have named The Social Network the movie of the year, but for our discriminating viewers it came in third.

2. Darren Aronofsky’s dark look below the surface of the seemingly beautiful ballet world, Black Swan, was a very close second place:

1. Christopher Nolan’s thriller Inception was the top film of 2010 according to our Twitter followers:

Disagree? Tell us in the comments.

#Filmcritictricks for the Genuinely Cynical or Just Aspiring

#Filmcritictricks for the Genuinely Cynical or Just Aspiring (photo)

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It’s been a funny/bitter morning for film critics, journalists and fans on Twitter — here are some selections from the hashtag#filmcritictricks, which seems to have spiraled from knowing self-mockery into darkness awfully quickly.

@mattzollerseitz Chastise readers for not turning out to support the theatrical release of a little film you saw via DVD screener. #filmcritictricks

@vjmfilms Say “I need to see it again” because you can’t believe Respected Auteur made something you SO got nothing out of #filmcritictricks

@kenlowery Guilty: Calling a film “interesting” when I could not precisely say it was “good” though it wasn’t “bad.” #filmcritictricks

@rrho Call a film ‘a bit lengthy’ because you don’t want to admit you fell asleep. #filmcritictricks

@CraigatPorlock Highbrow Auteur made movie X “bad on purpose” as B-movie homage. #filmcritictricks

@cmasonwells When an aging director has lost all the energetic style of his youth, say he’s “matured.” #filmcritictricks

@selfstyldsiren Use beloved old movie to illustrate how much more sophisticated the current one is. #filmcritictricks

@filmbrain Call a performance “brave” if someone with a less-than-perfect body gets naked. #filmcritictricks

@JeffDeutchman Reveal that a dismissed film is actually about filmmaking, and treat this statement as a self-evident proof of greatness. #filmcritictricks

@thefilmcynic Highly recommend each & every film about the film industry, because the whole world will get the in-jokes, just as you did #filmcritictricks

@InRO Come up with hastags as a way to feign self-flagellation when you really just want to prove how clever you are. #filmcritictricks

@ExtAngel Okay, one more: Cut your wrists, pour gasoline over your head, set yourself on fire. #filmcritictricks

Jesse Thorn: The Sound of Young America on ‘The Grid’

Jesse Thorn: The Sound of Young America on ‘The Grid’ (photo)

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Set your alarms because at precisely 7:45 p.m. The Grid hits the airwaves. As the clock strikes quarter to eight, in just 15 minutes you will learn everything you need to know about what’s getting LOLz and what’s making eyes roll across the internet; what to buy; what to eat and what to talk about while you’re eating. It’s a pop culture party and you’re invited.

Our host is Jesse Thorn, self proclaimed America’s Radio Sweetheart, who has been blessing the radio with his presence on The Sound of Young America since 2000. The Sound of Young America is a radio show and podcast produced in Los Angeles and distributed across this fair nation by Public Radio International. Yes, the same quality folks who bring you This American Life. He has a knack for finding awesome and varied guests such as David Cross, Patton Oswalt, John Hodgman, Chuck D, and Art Spiegelman, who are willing to stop by his studio and chat. His conversational interviews range from hilarious to serious and are peppered with regular bits such as raucous rounds of “Would You Rather?” For station information and podcast downloads, head over to his site MaximumFun.org, but be back here by 7:45 p.m. ET to watch The Grid or else.

Here are some of our favorite guests from The Sound of Young America:
Here’s Ze Frank talking to Jesse Thorn during a Sound of Young America recording session:

Ze Frank on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Here’s Reggie Watts performing:

Reggie Watts on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Kevin Kline stopped by TSOYA at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival to promote the film The Extra Man, adapted from Jonathan Ames’ book:

Kevin Kline on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s Blitzen Trapper making their beautiful noise during a taping of TSOYA :

Blitzen Trapper on The Sound of Young America from Jesse Thorn on Vimeo.

The Grid airs Thursdays at 7:45 p.m. ET

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